The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Really had to talk myself into my swim this morning. Woke up with the alarm at 7.15 as usual, but was so sleepy, and I didn't really have to get up, Eilidh was at her dads and I had already told work that I'd be later in, so snooze on I did! Just lay there for a good half hour convincing myself I'd go tomorrow. Then Sir Smuggleton had a few stern words. So I did eventually get up and made sure I got straight into my swim gear so I couldn't talk myself out of it again. By now I only had 20 mins to swim, so I thought I'd just try to do 22 lengths like last week, but lo! I did 24. Am convinced that I must have lost count as it's inconceivable that I have improved that much!

Janey's running ramblings

With the triathlon less than 2 weeks away now I am now attempting to get my body back to training quicker than I would normally after a marathon. I would normally gently ease myself back into training but needs must.  With a brand new sparkly training schedule to follow for the Glasgow Half Marathon (I do like a training schedule) I headed out the door for a four mile run. That sounds like I was keen to skip out the door but it did take me all day to get my backside in gear and out the door. It was so wet I just could not be bothered. Still went out in the end.

As I was running I was thinking about what one of the boys in the primary class I help had told me this morning. He runs with JogScotland's Junior Joggers and is about 8 years old. The teacher had told the class that I had run the marathon and that I had my medal for them to see. He quietly said to me, whilst I was helping him with his numeracy (stop laughing all who know about my complete lack of maths ability it is only P3 maths!), that he had won the Junior marathon at the weekend. I was very impressed and we chatted about how it had been hot and he asked me if I had used the hydration tablets in with the race number when I was running the marathon. I said that I had used two in my drink and he said he used one but didn't really feel thirsty so they must have worked. I was really impressed with his knowledge of running at only 8 years old. I asked him if he had to stand up on a stage to get his prize for winning. At this point another child joined in and said were you first to which he replied "no, nobody was first we were all winners" and then he told me how a nice lady gave him a medal when he ran over the line. I said to him that was fabulous and asked him if he had really enjoyed himself. He told me he had and that he is maybe going to run the 5K next year. All I could think about was how hung up adults get on times, distance, etc etc and this wee lad was fair pleased that he had won the marathon and there was no discussion about time etc! And so he had - we need to take a leaf out of his book and just enjoy what we do. After lots of years of running I am just chuffed that my body is holding up enough to let me enjoy 5K, 10K, half marathons, marathons, triathlons and trail runs. Quite an exciting life really when I think about it!

Enough rambling, nice run and a swim tomorrow - might even hit the road with my bicycle tomorrow!

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I'vebeen a bit lazy recently, not in terms of training I must say, just in terms of writing the blog. I didn't write on Sunday as that was Janes day, and what a day. I don't know how she did it in that heat. She just kept on running! I had cycled from my house to Longniddry to cheer her on, a journey which I thought would be about 12 miles so should only be about an hour, hmmm. Think it's a wee bit longer as it took about 1 hr 45! This was due in part to being held up by the police stoping traffic, but is also an indication of just how slow I am on a bike! So a total of about 30ish miles on the bike on Sunday, then a wee walk with hobbildy Jane on Monday, which doesn't really count, then off for my last swim training session before the triathlon at the Commie. Tonights lesson? Open water starts!!! I excused myself from these with the very valid excuse that I will NEVER swim anywhere where there might be fish or seaweed, but did continue to do the lengths. I didn't do too many wheezy gulpy panicky breaths, so maybe I am getting better at breathing? Was really tired by Tues, and was glad of a day off! But back at it today with a slightly longer than normal run along the shore. I went passed the tea shop, adding a good 500 m to my run!! I was the slowest person in the world today though!

Janey's running ramblings

Found this on the marathon site - offiical photos

Me and my Fetchie pals McNewbie and SpeedyMel

That was us at the start!!! which is why we are laughing :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Here stands the finest (motley crew) runners that you will ever see - Fetchies at the beginning of the Edinburgh Marathon.

Today I got myself out for a short 2 mile run. To begin with the legs did feel like they belonged to someone else, however after a short time they started to come back to me and we got on fine again. I am glad I went out as it has really loosened them off and I am ready for the triathlon now!!! (well maybe?).

Following the marathon on Sunday I have made the decision to pull out of the Speyside Way Race. I had to really dig deep into my reserves on Sunday and I was fine, but I am not sure that I am cut out for finding another ten miles worth of reserves, certainly not this year after working so hard for twotacklethree. A lot of distance running is about what goes on in your head and your body just kind of follows on behind doing what it is told. I had to work very hard on Sunday to banish those thoughts which were telling me to just stop, get an ice-cream and sit until Alistair could get to me to pick me up. That is not to say that the Ultra itch is still not there - but I think I am still hankering after doing a multi-day trip (not a race) which takes me from A to B via several guest houses - a wee running holiday so to speak. This will still be in my forward planning. 

However, I am not about to sit down and do nothing after all this hard work. Two weeks time I am completing my part of the twotacklethree challenge with the Peebles Triathlon and then the week after that I am heading down to the lake district for the Keswick Trail Run (10K) up Latrigg and then on holiday Rhona and I are taking part in the Truro Race for Life 5K and to finish off the summer so far I have entered the Glasgow Half Marathon in September which is a long time favourite of mine. I am going to try and bring down my half marathon time. So, not done yet then? 

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Janey's post marathon mumblings

Woke up very early this morning really thirsty, finally dehydration was disappearing. Got up and had a cup of tea and took a couple of ibuprofen to try and stem the muscle soreness. Not feeling too bad but my quads are very stiff and my feet have taken a bit of a bashing. My toes always end up a bit swollen after a marathon and I have an odd sore bit on the sole of my left foot. Feels like a blister but nothing to be seen!

Because I was up early I got all the packed lunches made and did my Asda order. How about that for multi-tasking.

Left for work at 7.50am and managed to slowly drive myself to work, was absolutely fine as long as I didn't have to move my legs from the position they were in to drive the car. Was hoping I wouldn't have to do an emergency stop as I wasn't sure that would be possible!!

After a morning where I just sat about a bit and with Tracey just keeping on feeding me and bringing me tea, we decided to go for a walk instead of a run, mainly because I couldn't get my feet into trainers. It was still lovely weather, but TODAY there was a breeze!!!!!!! It was good to get out and move my legs. Hopefully that should stem the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Finally, chucked in the towel at about 2.45pm today when I caught myself almost nodding off at my computer. The drive home was even slower than the drive to work. Finally, I got myself home and flopped into a seat.

Here's hoping keeping moving will help how I am feeling tomorrow, got to get moving again for the Triathlon in two weeks time - aagghhh!!! (quite looking forward to it really now that the big one is out of the way).

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Janey's Marvellous Marathon tales!!!!

                                                        What can I say? It was boiling!!!!!

My day started when I met with other Fetchies for an official pre race photo (to follow) and I had a blast with McNewbie (from Manchester) and Speedy Mel (London). What a laugh we had right up until will started running.

It took us at least 15 mins to cross the start line as there were (as far as I know) 27, 000 people running today. My first 6 miles were okay, not too bad, but I could feel the heat building. My Mum and Dad were at Bath Street on the Portobello Prom. It was brilliant to see them as it gives you a real lift when you see people you love come out to cheer you on. The beach looked brilliant today - there were kids everywhere on the beach and even people sunbathing (much better idea on a day like it was today). I got myself to Musselburgh where I met SpicedApple from Fetch (got a big hug from her) again brilliant to see someone who is supporting you. Miles were starting to build by this point, and I was at the Musselburgh Race Course and heading towards Prestonpans. My main job at this point was to try and spot Ann at Port Seton, who is supporting us , unfortunately I couldn't see her (later found out she was cheering her neice and nephew on who were way faster than me and on the way back as I was heading out). Saw Ellem and Smout and others (sorry guys thanks for coming out but I wasn't sure who the others were but I love you all anyway.) Fetch support is amazing - they really gave me a lift.  The miles were really building now and so was the heat. I thought last year in London was really hot but dear knows what the heat was today - it was relentless. Not to mention the fact that someone had stolen the breeze (wind) that Tracey and I always run in at Cramond! It was roasting. As I got to Longniddrie my Ipod started doing really wierd things, I think I had drenched it in water too many times. I was trying to sort out the problem when I was aware of someone running next to me  pushing the coldest bottle of water I had the pleasure to get a hold of today. IT WAS TRACEY!!!!!!!!! I was so chuffed to see her. I mumbled something about being boiling and I just remember her saying "I know, Jane it is horrible". I laughed at that for ages. I kept thinking nobody is making me do this, but she is soooooooooooo right it was pretty horrible at that point. I ran under so many hoses (thank goodness we don't have a hose pipe ban). I decided at that point that I had to plan a strategy to get me to the end as I still had 10 miles to go. So I decided that when I got to 17 miles I would start to use "scouts pace" to get me to the end. So what I did was run for 200 paces and then walk for 100 paces. This was so the right thing to do. I don't think I would have made it to the end otherwise. There were casualties to the heat everywhere. One guy had even got into such a state that we overheard the paramedic saying to him that he had arrived at them delirious, and then had a seizure. They were telling him where he was and what his name was. Not good! But it really was that hot, so easy to have slipped into not having drunk enough and run to fast. So run/walking it was for me.

On the way back past Longniddrie Tracey was still waiting (that really helped Tracey thank you so much) and there seemed to be several other people screaming "Go Jane" (were they with you Tracey?). Tracey then did shout after me "sprint finish Jane" Ha, you have got to be kidding was my retort. This is because we both say we'll do a sprint finish at the end of our lunchtime runs and never really get any faster!! :)

I began to knock off the miles 22, 23 and then I was cheered on by the wonderful Fetchies who had waited on us slow Fetchies coming through(know who you are - thank you for standing boiling in the heat all day it was brilliant to see you all at this point).

Finally 24 came into view, then 25, on my way home now. At this point Tracey's Dr Dasterdley appeared telling me to "just stop running and then the pain will stop" I contemplated this for about two seconds and then banished Dr D to the water and got on with run/walking. As we got back to Musselburgh people starting telling me (and another runner who by this point I was running with) that we were nearly there and it was just around the corner. We were on a straight road with millions of runners stretching out ahead of us. There didn't appear to be a corner!!! The guy I was running with turned to me and very tired said "where the f**k is this b****y corner" All I could do was laugh as I was thinking exactly the same thing - he just voiced it. Then all of a sudden we were there round the corner right enough - it just appeared and there was the finish line. Managed to pull out enough energy to do my customary Fetchie Wingwave, this Fetchie definitely needed to land.

Final time (according to my watch time - official one not in until tomorrow) 5 hours and 29 mins. Quite happy with that considering the heat. You can see from my finisher picture that I am happy to be finished and absolutely nick nacked!!

Alistair produced the best thing at the end of a marathon that I could have - a FLASK OF TEA!!!!!!! He knows me so well. I had been dreaming about a cup of tea since 24 miles.

I am absolutely shattered, sore legs and a bit sun burnt but you know what I am so pleased that I finished and did everyone of our sponsors proud!

Thank you again for all the support you have shown Tracey and I.

don't worry, be happy and go to sleep for a wee while :)

Janey's marathon mumblings

Up at 6.30am, having had an okay sleep. Wanted to get up and have my porridge in plenty of time to digest it properly. Got to have my go faster food!

Made sure my Fetchie nails were okay;

The nerves are building a bit now, but good nerves, not bad ones. Had a really restful night last night - sat and watched the Voice and then watched a film (Couldn't manage the whole of the Eurovision) and then we all had great fun watching the voting later on Eurovision - somehow this bit is more entertaining than the actual singing. 

Heading off at around 8 o'clock and then meeting up with Fetchies at St James' Centre for the official Fetch Photo at nine. Race start is at 10am and my start is at Regent Road. Got my race number and my safety pins already to pin onto my vest.........

Will update later on when I get back.

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

What a beautiful day! I had the Commie pool to myself this afternoon, which only served to slow me down as I had no one to harass me to go faster. Still 30 lengths done in just over 25 mins. Then it was off for a 5k ish run. Despite having my go faster sunglasses on, I didn't manage to break any records, but at last I was running in sun. I have been complaining for months about the weather and at last it has changed for the better. Hurrah! It's going to be another hot one tomorrow for Jane, but hopefully won't be too bad in the morning. Good luck Jane!!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Janey's taper tales

Today was supposed to be restful! humpf never quite works out that way. Rhona was due to get her braces off today so we were up and out to the orthodontist for 10.15am today and then home again only to go back into town to get her clear retainer, which helps keep her teeth from moving back again. I am puggled. Lots of driving in lots of heat!!! Still her teeth look amazing - all white and shiny and straight :)

Bought my new socks, blister plasters, sun tan cream, Mule Bars and shot bloks (well Ali got me them), lucozade and a mars bar for after the marathon. (should have got a snickers eh??).

I am reading a book on my kindle just now called "Keep on Running: the highs and lows of a marathon addict" and there was a fabulous quote which I am going to think about when things get tough around 20 miles:

"Time is so utterly relentless in its passage that all you have got to do is cling onto it and it will get you there".

Tracey appears, from her blog, to be suffering from pre-race nerves. They are good but harness them Tracey and they will do you good. You don't have to be good at every element of the triathlon. You are an amazing cyclist (Ventoux proves that) and you can pull out a 31 min 5k so no problem there - all you have to do is hang on in there during the swim and not trip over your shoe laces in transition (you've got stretchy laces so you've got that covered). Once I have got the marathon out of the way I can start to give it my attention and we can calm each other down.

Alistair got a call today from his Doctor at the Haemophilia Centre and they have decided to cut down his factor nine to every three days as they reckoned that it wasn't aiding the recovery and was basically just sitting at sky high levels for no reason. Every three days will be enough to prevent any bleeding. Thank goodness, it will make a difference to him to not have to do that every day. Another great reason for a good run on Sunday.

We are nearly up to £1300. I can't believe we have reached that much. Yet another great reason for a good run on Sunday.

Better have a good run on Sunday eh???

don't worry, be happy :)
Whilst Jane is relaxing and doing nothing, I am freaking about the triathlon. She can't even think about it till after Sunday, but for me it's looming large! I know that I have been training regularly since Jan for this, but right now I still don't feel ready, and it's too late to do anything about it! This weekend is crucial to try to improve my confidence as it's the last proper training weekend I'll plan a swim then run on Sat then a cycle and run on Sunday. Jane says she still wants to go for a run on Monday lunchtime, after her marathon! I'll be impressed if she can still walk after that. Went for a swim this morning, but could only stay for 20 mins as I needed to take my car to the garage, then get a bus to work.I managed 22 lengths in that time. I did stop a few times as I don't really do mornings!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Janey's taper tales

Last 4 mile run before the marathon! Now I get to the fun bit of tapering - sitting about doing sweet fanny adams for two days. Oh, this running is hard work.

Tracey and I were going to out at lunchtime but work got in the way AGAIN, what a cheek. I am kind of glad we didn't go out as the clothes I had with me were for much colder, more usual, weather. I came home and decided to try out a different get up for Sunday (the one I had planned would have me boil if it is like this). So trotted off around Penicuik with shorter shorts and my marked up charity vest. Felt good, can't wait, very excited now.

Going to head into town tomorrow to get some new socks (I know I can hear all my running friends shouting new socks this close to the marathon - but the ones I was planning to wear now have a hole in them and my toe sticks out - a dead cert blister there if I wear them). I will buy an identical pair and will wear them for the next few days to check for bits that could rub. Also going to pop up to Evans Cycles to pick up some more Mule Bars to munch on my way around the route.

It is funny that last year I was getting ready for the London Marathon and I had to plan for a family holiday (leaving on the Thursday) this time it all seems much more relaxed. I am taking Rhona to the dentist tomorrow, doing a bit shopping, Hunter and Lass on Saturday and then pop into town on Sunday to run 26 miles. It just doesn't have the same fear factor as London did - although it is exactly the same random 26.2 miles but is run on roads I am totally familiar with and my house is only 30 mins away. Wonder if that will make a difference to my time - it has in the past.

Alistair was at the Haemophilia Centre again today following his latest scan. His clot has gotten a little smaller and is beginning to show signs of firming up. When it gets to a certain point the hospital may decide to operate to remove it, however at the moment, he has to continue as he is and get on with the business of supporting me and Tracey in our fundraising endeavour! He takes all of this in his stride and I am so proud of the way he does that, me I don't and I have to hide in running long distances or I stop and think about it too much. All of this madness is for him :)

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far we have far outreached our target and is rising daily, it is real encourager knowing that everyone is routing for you!! I will do my best on Sunday - finishing is my target but if I can put in a decent time also then I will be happy.

Might not blog much over the next few days as I am, as I said earlier, doing nothing, but there will be pre and post race briefing on Saturday and Sunday for definite.

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

There are no words really ........................

Parkrun on Sunday 19th May 2012.

What else can I say?

don't worry, be happy :)

Janey's taper tales

Second last run before the big one! Decided to go for my yearly Hunter and Lass Decorated Houses run. If I take them all in I can get my run up to 3 miles (4 if I can find more). However, I think I am too early. I only found one house decorated. The Hunter and Lass festivities start tomorrow with the Pram Race. I think the houses will be decorated after that. Still I had a lovely run in the sun.

I have a wee bit of a sore toe - a bit of a blister - left over from a long run a few weeks ago. Will nurse it over the next few days to try and get it to harden up before Sunday.

EEEEEEK, a wee bit excited now.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

I am tired today! Lunch time run was hard work and a slog, calves tight and complaining especially up the buggery hill! Picked my bike up from the shop where it was having a service, and the bloke said everything was just a bit slack...."how rude" I replied before admitting that's what happens when you get older, then I realised he meant the bike. I could have then just sat on the sofa and had an early night, easily, but Sir Smuggleton came riding on his white steed and whisked me off to the Commie. Tonights focus was all about trying to get me to breathe! Don't lift your head out of the water, just turn it to the side and only one goggle should be out of the water, were the instructions. Well, I don't know how much water I swallowed this evening, but the Commie was 2 m deep when I got in, but looked decidedly shallower when I got out!

Janey's taper tales

Today will end a tale of 3 halves (okay maths was never my strong point!!!). First I was at the college and Tracey and I went for our usual Monday lunchtime run along the Cramond seafront. It was still a little misty and there was a bit of a cool breeze although by the time we had turned around and heading back to the college there was blue skies and the sun was beginning to shine. Then as I am working tonight (there's the third half!!!) I left work early and then as the sun was by this point splitting the sky I decided to hit the road and top up today's mileage to a nice 6 miles. It was absolutely beautiful out there this afternoon. So it is now 4 o'clock and I am working up to heading out the door again to Musselburgh for 5.30pm.

So only two more days of short runs and then two days rest before the big day!!! (will do a wee short run on Saturday).

don't worry, be happy

Sunday, 20 May 2012

What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours! From yesterday's teeth chattering run in the wind and cold to todays cycle and run in the sun and a t shirt ( at last). Went down to Peebles agin and did a 14 mile cycle then a quick transition involving putting the bike back on the car rack ( will I need to do that in the triathlon?). Then off for a 5 k run. I say run, but it's more of a shuffle really. The cycle took just over an hour and the run about 35, all timed by the trusty town hall clock! All of this done in bright sunshine with my 'go faster' shades on, and, best of all, NO WIND! Let's hope it's like this next Sunday Jane!

Janey's taper tales

What a gorgeous day! After a leisurely breakfast and an hour spent watching the Manchester 10K and the great Haile Gebrselassie knock out a 27 minute 10k!!!

I got myself all togged up for the sunshine (hurrah - at last) and took myself out for a warm, sunny leisurely 7 mile run. Didn't even put a watch on. This taper lark really works, my legs felt good, I felt strong and raring to for next week. It would be great if the weather could be like this next week. 

Then after lunch Alistair and I decided we would go out for a walk as it was still so sunny and warm. We went down into Clerk's Estate and it was stunning. The sun was shining and the pond in the estate was absolutely lovely. We stopped for a wee seat at the pond and then headed home for a cup of tea. So by the time we got back I reckon we had walked about 5 miles. 

So 7 add 5 in my mind is a good day's work! Going to cut down over the next few days to end with complete rest days on Thursday, Friday and then a wee short toddle on Saturday. Before the big one on Sunday - eeek. This time next week, I will be sitting with my feet up totally nick nacked. :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Official time of 31.43 for the parkrun this morning, no PB, but am happy with that as it was windy on the way out, and I got a stitch on the way back! It was really cold though, and I spent the run trying to convince Jane that it'll be lovely next week for the marathon, not too hot, not windy at all, until the way back when a gentle breeze will help guide her home, and definitely no rain....honest! Completed another 30 lengths at the Commie whilst Eilidh was in her dance class. Well I think it was 30,I lost count again!! here's how my swim goes....first 10 lengths " oh my god, I hate swimming, I can't breath, this is not natural, if we were meant to do this we'd have gills, help I can't make it" etc, then the next 10 calm down a bit, and I start to think" ok, this is getting better, I can breath and actually have a rhythm going on here" the last 10 " there's no way I can make this, I'm going to die, gulp, choke, help" My time today was 24.30, which is faster than last week, so a bit of an improvement.

Janey's taper tales

Tracey and I headed off down to Parkrun this morning. It was freezing cold - however, it was NOT raining! Tracey did make the point though that her first parkrun was in December last year and she was actually wearing the same clothes today as she did then - the only difference was that there was no ice on the path!!! Still very windy on the way out but as we turned back the wind was at our back and we were able to whizz past loads of people.

I had another attack of cramp on the other leg last night. I think my legs are just objecting to stopping running longer distances. Taper madness!!  Although I wanted to go out for a gentle jog around parkrun - Tracey can't help herself and we were whizzing past people on the way back. Her race plan is to take it easy on the way out  and then speed up on the way back. We haven't got our time yet but I do hope I didn't hold her back!!!!

My marathon nerves are beginning to build and will no doubt get worse as the week goes on. However, I have done a lot of training and I feel in good shape. So hopefully, weather permitting, body permitting I am hoping to have a good Marathon next Sunday.

Watching the Olympic Torch relay on the television at the moment and it is absolutely gorgeous weather in Cornwall so just keep it that way please until we get there in July!!!!! :)

Don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Forgot to update blog yesterday, but thought I' d just do it after my run today instead, except I didn't run today! I did think about it as I was " working from home" this morning, but it was just too horrible out there! I know it's getting near to the triathlon, too near, but I just couldn't make myself get out there. I did swim yesterday morning as planned though. Forced myself into the fast lane and although I had to stop after every 2 lengths to get my breath back, I did try to go for speed over endurance....just hope it's having the desired effect, cos it's really hard! Will go to the parkrun tomorrow with Jane, but not expecting to be fast as my old hip spasm has returned! It's ok when I run, but my leg kinda collapses randomly from the hip after....I'm sure that's not supposed to happen!!

Janey's taper tales

Look what came in the post today .....

Purple to match my vest! very excited now.....

However, back down to earth - went for my Friday swim. I think I am getting slower rather than faster - 23 mins today for my 750m. I had to swim round people and there was a man swimming breadths rather than lengths and always seemed to be touching the wall just as I was passing. And then there was the absolutely enormous lady who as she was climbing out of the pool let go of the railings and then fell backwards into the water. Now I am not one to make fun of people who are trying to lose weight and take to the pool or running to help lose the weight - I actually admire them for their confidence, but this lady was really large and she plonked back into the water with such a splosh that all I could think about was "OMG I am going to drown". But all was well, she got herself out of the pool and I didn't drown but my stroke was a little off by that point. 

Anyway, got a bit of problem cramp. My calf muscle popped in the middle of the night yesterday, you know the way it does - like someone is trying to cut your leg off whilst you sleep. It was still sore this morning and although it wasn''t sore in the pool it is now. I suspect it is part of the taper madness that marathon runners talk about - everything starts to fall apart because you have let up on the training a bit for the marathon - tapering is supposed to help but I have yet to work out how!!!

Heading to parkrun tomorrow, and I am looking forward to not running in the rain cos Tracey is going too and she says it "never" rains when she runs. Not sure if I will go flat out tomorrow or if I will just doddle - will wait and see how I feel in the morning. 

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Janey's taper tales

Today after an eventful morning over at the Primary School (don't ask!) I spent lunchtime convincing myself that going for a run in the pouring rain would be a good idea. I decided that to get myself out I would have to go somewhere not just stay around Penicuik. So into the car and off I headed to Flotterstone. Once I got to the car park I should really have taken heed of the transport that the car in the car park next to me had ....

Kayak Racing - this was going to be a wet run!

I headed into the woods to try and keep out of the rain for a bit and look it is actually summer - beautiful pink flowers in a woody glade....

Then I headed off up the hill and passed a dreary looking lot of cows - well you would be if you were stuck in the middle of a muddy field in straight up and down rain. 

Onwards and upwards, despite the torrential rain I was actually enjoying myself. I waded through muddy puddle after muddy puddle and eventually found myself at the waterfall. The thing with heavy rain is the waterfalls are absolutely stunning...

Off I headed up the hill. Eventually got to the turnaround point, I was absolutely soaking by that point. I was having a great run though. Wet but happy .....

Toddled back down the hill and it did actually let up a little bit and for a brief second I could feel the sun trying to get through (albeit very very briefly). Got back to the car, a little soggy but once I had put on my cosy Fetch hoodie and dried my hair a bit with my handy towel (was planned for once). Then I headed back to the house for a cup of tea and a yummy biscuit!

4 miles, happy running.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Janey's taper tales

Well, three days into my official taper for the marathon and as per usual (during a taper) I seem to have forgotten how to run. It would seem today on my short 4 miler that I forgot how to breathe, had someone else's legs on and well was just a bit rubbish. Still 4 miles in the legs is a good thing, even if the legs were not co-operating!

Rhona and I have entered the Race for Life 5K in Truro when we are on our hols in Cornwall. It should be good fun, all pink and fluffy and a great day out. Only ever driven through Truro so it will make for a nice day out. Can't keep me down, I hate not having a race to get ready for, albeit this will be a fun one as I am running it with Rhona!

I might head off down to Parkrun on Saturday as Rhona is away at her pals and Alistair is working and well Andrew won't even know I have gone till I get back! Do you fancy a parkrun Tracey? Good chance to bring that run time down again!).

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Can't type...arms too tired.....big fast swim last night!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Today Tracey and I headed out for our weekly 5k run at Cramond. Flippin eck - it was blowing a gale on the way out and then pouring with rain on the way back. Scotland doesn't make it easy to be a runner. We were at one point fantasising about running in the heat - HEAT? forgotten what that feels like.

Still we made it back a little bit soggy but refreshed and ready for an afternoon of marking.

When I got home Alistair announced that his work has pledged £344.00 towards our challenge. So got no excuse now Tracey we have got to do this bloomin Triathlon - the marathon scares me less. :)

That means our fundraising target is now at £1000.00 and counting. Amazing. :)

I am now on an official taper -which means I don't have to run as much - ha!

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Do you know what I've done today?..... Absolutely hee haw!! I woke this morning at 4am with the wind battering my window and quickly made up my mind not to go out cycling in that! So I spent the day doing normal things that normal people do on a Sunday.I honestly don't remember the last time Eilidh and I spent a whole day together without dancing or I don't feel bad about not doing anything, it's actually been rather nice!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings

After an early start (7.30am) I set of into Edinburgh. The sun was shining and it was really warm. At long last. I headed off into town through Morningside and then down onto Princes Street. By the time I got to Princes Street the tourists were all mulling around taking pictures of stuff. I stopped for a second to look up and there was the Castle, it looked amazing. We just never stop to take a look at the good stuff we have hanging around Edinburgh.

So after taking two lovely people from Washington, DC's photograph, I decided to make like a tourist for a bit and do some sightseeing in our lovely Edinburgh. (I was out for a long time remember I needed to something to amuse myself other than eat and drink)

Next stop Scott Monument and a lovely shot of the Edinburgh City Chambers (where Alistair works). They had flags on the top and they looked fab fluttering against the blue sky.

Then it was back onto Princes Street and over Waterloo Place and down towards Meadowbank. I got a bit distracted as I got to the top of Waterloo Place by Calton Hill which again looked very sunny. So as a wee detour I headed off up the hill (big hill, many steps) but wow when I got there it was great. I have not been up there since my Dad ran the Seven Hills Race with his running buddy Jack (when was that Dad?). I had forgotten about the amazing views you get from the top. 

However much fun I was having I still had 12 miles to run to get home. So I toddled off down to Meadowbank and into the Queen's Park. It was a mecca for running in the park - there were runners everywhere. Quite a novelty given I spend hours running around on my own in Penicuk. I worked my up the long Queen's Drive and out towards the Commonwealth Pool. Sun still shining! I was on my way home now - heading towards Liberton Brae. Got to Cameron Toll bought some more water (was a bit hot) and then started off up Liberton Brae. As I got half way up a car pulled up with a waving hand out of the window - it was Tracey and Eilidh. What a lovely surprise - it fair got me up the hill after meeting them. A wee quick text to Ali to ask him to pick me up at Asda at Straiton otherwise I would have run a full marathon if I had gone all the way home. 21 miles is enough for anyone. 

Now I am sitting watching Madagascar and it is great, feet up, glass of wine at the ready and my tea is being made for me (thanks Ali and Rhona). Bliss.

Only two weeks to go now - I'm excited. :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Set off to take Eilidh to dancing this morning and who should we pass on Liberton Brae, powering her way up, but Jane! I think she was relieved to have a wee rest as it was the steepest bit and she had already done 16 miles, with 6 left...complete madness! Dropped Eilidh off the went to the Commie for a swim. Was determined to complete 750 m of crawl, and in a small moment of personal triumph, I made it! I did it in 25 mins, which will do me nicely, as 6 months ago I couldn't even do one length. I think I can now confidently put my target time for the triathlon to 23:30 for the swim. Not quite the 20 I was aiming for at the start, but it's more realistic. This now means that there is no more skiving for me, it's 30 lengths of crawl every time I get in a pool between now and June, no excuses! Then, just for fun I went for a 5k! After a speedy transition time of 9 mins (think there's room for improvement there) I did a slow plod for 40 mins. All I need to do now is fit the 20k bike ride in between the two!!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Janey's swimming stories

Well today I decided I would give the tri suit a go. I suspect it was a bit big for me cos I felt like I was dragging two weights off my legs the whole way - a bit of drag there I suspect. It was flippy hard work! I was a whole 2.5 mins slower than I was last week. I also felt really wet when I came out, not sure I fancy that at all. I don't really do wet. So I think I will revert back to my original plan of swimmy and then changing into shorts and a top when I get to transition - a tub of talc will sort out any tricky dressing issues. :)

Planning to run 22 miles tomorrow as my last long run before the marathon in two weeks time - eeek. I am quite looking forward to it now - just got to make it through the next two weeks now without injuring myself. Cotton wool weeks I think! Can't wait for my two taper weeks so that I can get a bit of a rest.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just read Janes blog post and I got totally soaking today aswell!! I was soaked from heat to soggy feet and ALL my clothes were wringing wet....but I was in the pool in my swim suit not outside in the horribleness! It is all my fault for saying the "S" word yesterday.....sorry about that. I thought the swim was going Ok this morning till a wee old lady who was swimming breast stroke with dry hair over took me!! It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't gasping for breath at the end of a strenuous 4 lengths( they were done without stopping, does that count?) she just said, " mind if I go in front?" grrrrrr! I did manage to do 4 lengths of legs only again, which I'm hoping will help, as it's when I add the legs in it all goes wonky! I really must attempt a timed 30 lengths soon, but I just think it'll be too embarrassing.

Janey's soggy running ramblings

After another afternoon of marking (aaaggghhh) I spent about half an hour deliberating over whether I should go out for a run in the pouring rain. Personally I blame Prince Charles for the weather:

I was leaning towards not bothering because it was absolutely chucking it down but then I thought about Alistair. He has been busy going around his work colleagues getting me sponsors for marathon. last count he was up to £220!!! Which will take us nearly up to £1000 which would be absolutely amazing.

So I donned my winter gear (again) - yesterday I was in my summer stuff and it was absolutely gorgeous. How different a day can be. There were huge puddles everywhere. The water was running off my fringe and dripping down my nose. Yuk. I really do hate running in the rain. I hope this is not the weather on the day of the marathon, the thought of 26 miles dripping wet does not appeal. Anyway, 22 miles on Sunday - so here's hoping no rain then either.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A bit of interval training at lunchtime today. It's really hard to motivate myself to do this, and my intervals of slow running are probably a bit too long, but hopefully it all helps! It was actually warm running along the shore, that's the first time this year! Hurrah! Summer must be on it's way!!

Janey's running ramblings

Did have a long run scheduled for today and it was such a lovely day but I had a headache to end all headaches (with hayfever thrown in). But rather than just sit watching rubbish on the telly, I got myself out of the door and dawdled around 3 miles with my head going from really hurting to reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hurting). It's a funny thing running with a sore head, the run either kills or cures. Today it killed. It is still rumbling away. My only reason for it might be I have had a lot of marking to do and we do it all online at the college so lots of staring at screens (oops that's what I am doing now). Will have to resort to a dark room and a paracetamol soon I think :(

still the sun is shining, and it is WARM!!!

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

As if the run at lunchtime and the half packet of crisps wasn't enough for one day, it was off to the pool for some swim training with the Edinburgh road club in the Commie. Yes, I went back for more. This week....arms!! After trying to do a half length with one arm only and only being partially successful, we then had to do one arm, but breathe at the other side! This, unfortunately sent me not only in circles, but also into fits of giggles as my arms and head went in opposite directions....and I am usually quite coordinated! I did loads of 50m lengths again, and even managed a hundred without stopping....twice! I was very pleased with myself, so shared this with the coach, who did his best to be interested, but I could see him sighing inwardly! Cool down was 200m with a pool boy, and I'm ashamed to say that I cheated on trusty Pedro, with another slimmer, fitter pool boy, let's call him Pablo. He was lovely!

Janey's running ramblings

Today was quite hard work. We had our usual 5k toddle along Cramond foreshore. But after yesterday's enormous cycle (well it was for me Tracey!!!) and our 1.5k run at Peebles we were both a bit worn oot! Still we did it and then got tore into our marking in the afternoon. Well at least until we got a bit hungry and shared a packet (we only had 60p between us) of extremely salty and vinegary crisps. They were actually painful to eat but we persevered and with eyes watering ate the whole damn packet!!!

less than 3 weeks to the marathon and 5 weeks to the triathlon - eek.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Janey's biking blether

Well today Erin, Tracey and I headed for Peebles for our recce of the cycle route. I was a little apprehensive as both Tracey and Erin are expert cyclists and me I have done hee haw bike training for this triathlon - basically relying on my marathon training to get me through. I am happy to say that although I was mostly at the back it wasn't too bad at all. Okay when it started raining and hailstones I was not so happy (when Tracey was talking about "us" getting grumpy - what she meant was "me"! Although I did hear Erin say at one point "ouch that hurt".

Once we got back to the cars - and after Erin and I nearly killed ourselves trying to put the bikes on the roof of the car - we headed off for our run. Erin and I definitely had triathlon wobbly legs - Tracey on the other hand said her legs felt fine - I think there's an iron woman lurking under those three quarter length shorts!!

As we headed over the first bridge over the River Tweed we started to think we might be in the middle of a race!!! There were loads of kids running like wee maniacs over the other side of the river and then as we got to the second bridge over the Tweed Tracey asked two marshalls what race it was. As far as we could gather it was the Beltane club Club handicap 5K. We decided at that point that once around was enough so that we wouldn't get caught up with the "real" runners. We waited for a bit at the end to see the club runners storming around. There was a female runner who was sooooo fast. (if only - in my dreams).

Anyway, back to the car. On reflection, I am happy with today - I was a bit worried that after 12 miles my legs would decide just not too work and that I would end up working. It may be that two weeks after a marathon they might just decide not too work anyway, however at least I know they can do the job if I need them too! We did in fact cycle 14 miles and run about 1.5 km. So a good brick session there I think.

Have to say that I am a little worried that my bike gets racked next to "ugly naked guy" (Friend's reference there!!!) at the Triathlon - that would either slow down or speed up T1 not sure which - yuk :)

On another note I would just like to tell you about a wonderful lady called Ann Strachan who lives in Port Seton. She is a member of the Haemophilia Society in Scotland and when she saw our article in the Evening News she got in touch to say that she would like to support us and help raise some money for Haemophilia Scotland. She herself has Von Williebrand's Disease ( also affects her own daughters. She has had a lot of support from The Haemophilia Society in Scotland and feels, like us that they are very low profile but really need lots of support to continue the good work that they do. I spoke with her today and she was overwhelmed with the success of a fundraiser at her church. She asked congregation members if they would like to contribute to our challenge and they absolutely stunned Ann by donating a huge £155.00 (and still counting - will update when Ann lets me know what the final total is). Ann, herself, has also asked her family members if they would donate to the challenge instead of giving her presents for her birthday which is the day before the Marathon. I cannot thank her enough for her support and really want to thank the Cockenzie Old Parish Church for their fabulous support. 

Tomorrow brings another trot along the Cramond foreshore and me having a panic about the marathon getting a day closer every day!!!

Nice weekend - 

don't worry, be happy

Jane can now add 14 mile cycle and about a mile and a half run to her weekly total! Dont know how she does it! We , along with our new training partner, Erin, did the Peebles cycle and half of the run today. Why only half the run? Cos we found ourselves in the middle of a race happening in Peebles this afternoon. We did find it a bit weird to have our route marked out by wee flags and signs saying "runners this way" and have marshals looking at us in a strange way! The cycle was good, went a bit further than the route again, and it was going well until it started to rain...we were all a bit grumpy and cold by the end! I had got up really early this morning and went off to watch the Dalkeith sprint triathlon. It was really interesting to see how it all works, but could have done without the crinkly old guy getting completely naked in the transition area!! I still think I'll be the slowest person in the pool, but hopefully won't be too embarrassing and I definitely will not be getting naked at any point!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Woke up this morning and just CBA! I was just a bit tired. I took a bit of time to get to sleep last night as my arms felt like they had lactic acid build up after my manic swim. After waking Alistair up to ask him if that had ever happened to him when he was training for triathlon's I decided (after grumpy pants said "yes - now go to sleep!") to get up and have a cup of tea and an ibuprofen. Made Alistair a cup of tea too - well he was awake now so he might as well join me :) Eventually got to sleep and then first thing in the morning thought I'm enjoying my cosy bed to get up and do 16 miles. However, I did go out and ran 11 miles. As I was running all I could think about was how hard it was. It is funny when I think back to all my marathons that usually 3 weeks out is when I have a rubbish run, when ten miles feels harder than the long 20 milers that I have run. I am guessing I just need to go through that stage and then have a last blast long run before my taper two weeks.

So, when I got back I entered my eleven miles into my training diary - and when I totalled my week's mileage - 50 MILES!!! Flippin' ek, neither wonder I was tired. I don't think I have ever hit 50 miles in one week before. Quite pleased with myself.

Tomorrow Tracey, Erin and I are heading down to Peebles for a recce of the triathlon cycle and run route. After this tiring training week I am sure Erin and Tracey will have plenty time to get to know each other as Erin's Aunty Jane struggles along at the back! :) Should be fun.

don't worry, be happy :)
It's been a bit of a mix of training today. Went for my 6 k run route along the Innocent Railway. It was bright and sunny and I felt good, despite the vat of wine consumed last night in an attempt to blot out my crappy day! The only problem was,the top I was wearing rode up to my oxters and my trousers rode down round my hips! Luckily I had a t shirt on top to hide all the wobbly bits! Then went for my swim, fully intending to try really hard to do 30 lengths of crawl, but realised I forgot my goggles after getting changed. Do I use this as an excuse to not swim (tempting) or do I give it a go? I give it a go, of course! The problem is I can't open my eyes in the chlorinated water,so I couldn't see where I was going and was all over the lane, much to annoyance of others. I had to switch to breast stroke. At least I could open my eyes when my head was out the water and I could see where I was going. Managed 30 lengths non stop in just about 20 if only my crawl was that fast. "Why don't I just do breast stroke in the tri" I hear you cry! Well, I kick so many people doing breast stroke I just may get disqualified, and it's all part of the challenge. And, if I do this again it would be better to do the crawl in any future triathlons ( did I really just write that?). After this I did 4, yes 4 Allister!! Lengths of legs only. This is a big improvement as before I would kick my legs for all my might, but only move if someone swam past me and I got caught in their wave! Got out of the pool blinking and squinting like a mole emerging from his hole! I then had to go to Tesco looking like I'd been crying, got some strange looks, but not as many as last week when I went there with my top on inside out!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings (with a wee bit of swimming!)

Decided to go for a 3 mile run today because my cycle is going to be on Sunday. Not as warm as yesterday but when I started out it was sunny so I chanced my shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt, my running jacket and my gloves. For the most I was quite comfortable until it decided to start raining. But the thing you need to know about where I live is that it can be raining at the bottom of the hill and by the time you get to the top it is snowing!!! (a unique feature of living in Penicuik). I actually had to go and hide under a tree until the hail stones stopped battering my head and my arms.

Then after an afternoon of running Mum's taxi! I decided I would head for the pool once I had dropped Andrew off at his swimming class. I dropped into Tesco on the way and as usual met someone I knew at one of the nurseries I worked at, which meant I was running at the last moment to the pool. I got in at 7.15pm (after having to be reeeeaaally nice to the lady on reception who was a bit humpty cos I turned up after 7pm and she was about to "do up her till". Still she let me in and I got into the water at 7.25pm. I only had to 7.45pm to get my 30 lengths done as that was when the pool closed. Well I chuntered up and down the pool as fast as I could to get my 30 lengths and managed it. I did have a bit of a laugh as I was swimming up and down. Tracey there was a, wait for it.... "floaty plaster". What was the funny bit was I soon realised - IT WAS MINE!!!!! I had forgotten to take a plaster off one of my sore toes (this blasted marathon running) in my rush to get into the pool. I quickly lifted it as I went past (after checking that my plaster had indeed disappeared) so that no one else had to deal with it (although by that point I was the only person left in the pool - the two lifeguards were patiently waiting on me finishing so that they could pull the plug out - do ever do that???).

So now Andy and I are sitting eating chips (Rhona and Ali are both out) and watching the telly. Bliss.

16 miles tomorrow. 3 weeks on Sunday to the Marathon - eek!

don't worry, be happy :)
Had a really crappy day at work, so my run at lunchtime was super fast!!!! Got rid of all (well most) of my frustrations!....... Yippee it's Friday!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Haven't had time for a run so far this week, but went swimming as usual this morning. Tried to put all I learned on Monday into practice so it ended up being a "speed training" session. Now, this is a bit of an oxymoron when referring to my swimming , but I did make a consious effort to go faster. It worked. My lengths (25m) were just under 40 secs , which is a big improvement as they were around 45 secs before. Now if only I could go that fast for 30 lengths without stopping for ages to recover at each end!!

Janey's running ramblings

What a fabulous day! The sun was shining, it was warm, there were lambs scampering about in the fields below the Pentland Hills - it was almost alpine like. The sky was pure blue and the highland cows were very orange! Even passed a couple of Shetland ponies and an Eddie Stobart lorry, which as promised on the telly, waved back when I waved!! :)

At one point I was running along a woodland path which I always run along and it was so nice to see the trees starting to fill up with leaves and the path beginning to be surrounded by grass and flowers. I also passed a fox, a squirrel and loads of wee birdies. Very summery.

And then there was the very lonely sandwich boards advertising the SNP, Labour and some wee party called the Lib Dems. They were not exactly fighting for our votes - no candidates to be seen! Suppose I ought to wander over later on and do my duty.

So a lovely 8 mile run. The nerves are beginning to build, this is the point at which I start to want to deviate from my plan and run loads more miles - but I will be sensible and keep to it.

As promised my "marathon mosh" playlist:

In A Big Country                        Big Country
Hanging On The Telephone (Live) Blondie
Bad Medicine                                         Bon Jovi
Born In the U.S.A.                         Bruce Springsteen
London Calling                                         The Clash
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Live)         Coldplay
She Sells Sanctuary                         The Cult
Girls Just Want To Have Fun         Cyndi Lauper
American Idiot                                         Green Day
Paradise City                                 Guns N' Roses
Devil Inside                                 INXS
Run To The Hills                         Iron Maiden
You Can't Win Them All Mum         The Lost Soul Band
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree KT Tunstall
Ode To Summer                         Lostprophets
Two Tribes                                 Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Everybody's Changing                Keane
Smells Like Teen Spirit                 Nirvana
Rock 'n' Roll Star                         Oasis
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)                 The Proclaimers
Letter From America                        The Proclaimers
Another One Bites The Dust         Queen
Californication                                         Red Hot Chili Peppers
Alive And Kicking                         Simple Minds
Waterfront                                 Simple Minds
Copperhead Road                         Steve Earle
The Boys Are Back In Town         Thin Lizzy
The Best                                         Tina Turner
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2
Vertigo                                           U2
Angel of Harlem                         U2
It's Raining Men                         The Weather Girls
Attack                                         30 Seconds To Mars
I Can't Fly                                             Kassidy

It is a bit eclectic but it worked for me! Was even singing out loud at one point :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Janey's running ramblings

At last, it feels almost like summer! The sun was shining (although it was still a little chilly at first) and when I was in the sunshine it was nice and warm.

Went out for 5 miles and it was really nice. I was listening to Simon Mayo on my radio as I was running and "Matt's middle aged mid week mosh" came on and there was a selection of excellent moshing tunes for the eighties and nineties from Guns and Roses to the Ramones to Status Quo finishing with The Cure. Excellent, I was skipping along at a good pace rocking to the tunes on my radio. So it got me thinking what would be my "marathon moshing" playlist. A bit of Aerosmith, INXS, Big Country, Simple Minds...... Watch this space my playlist will follow :)

Another issue I had was loose shorts! Tracey and I were discussing on one of our Monday runs the consequences of doing so much training. One such consequence is losing weight. Now this doesn't sound like something that a lady should worry about but the downside to losing weight is that your clothes don't fit any more! This is exactly the problem I had today with my running tights. They kept slipping down over my hips, resulting in me having to keep stopping and hauling them back up and tightening the cord again. What a flippin' nuisance! Must remember not to wear those shorts again :)

3 weeks on Sunday to the Marathon and to make things worse I "might" just have entered the ballot for VLM 2013 again. As Scotty on Fetch said "that's me up for rejection again". Don't expect to get in but somehow it makes for a traditional October - waiting with baited breath to see if I get the "congratulations" magazine or the "sorry" magazine. Roll on October :)

don't worry, be happy :)