The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Totally forgot about my run at lunchtime! I blame the scone I had at 11, after which I just kept on working, didn't notice it was gone lunchtime until it was...well...gone! So I forgot my run and my lunch. Not to worry though, went out at 4ish instead. Did the now normal shore route and it felt OK. ...and actually managed to cross some things ( note the plural there) off my to do list, today wasn't too bad.

Janey's running ramblings

Got myself out for 6 miles today. And, shock horror, for the first time this year, I got my legs out!!!! Only knee length shorts but legs nonetheless. I will have to get the fake tan out soon, legs were whiter than my socks! :) Bit chilly to start with then soon got warmed up with an enormous hike up Pomathorn! Now that's a hill you have got to try Tracey - I have no idea what the gradient is but it is bloomin' steep!

Nice run though, lots of sheep, daffodils and crocuses.

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It feels like AGES since I last did a proper run, what with having a big snotty cold and trying to increase my cycling. This morning I had 2 classes back to back, no time for even a coffee break in between, so it would have been really easy to not run at lunchtime, sit down and scoff some lunch. But off I went, out on the route along the shore, which I think is nearly 4 miles, although I could be exaggerating! After such a long break I thought it would be hard, but actually felt OK, I'm still never going to win any races, but I am now able to plod along quite happily ( I am playing it bit loose with the word happily there)
I never regret having got out there and run, swam or cycled, but I always regret it if I talk myself out of it. Why then do I still continue to have arguments with myself? Just get on with it TJ!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Needed to get out for my run today cos I had a really hassly morning starting with my car not starting and having to sit for an hour and a half on the bus to Telford. Anyhoo, had to go out myself as Tracey was really busy with work and had to go to a meeting. We haven't had a run together for a few weeks and I have missed our chatter! We are heading for Parkrun on Saturday though so that will be good to catch up.

Anyway, back to my run. Ran 5 miles in the end. Was running steadily for the first half and then a woman passed me (like Tracey's ponytail lady this one skipped passed looking like a very good athlete) however, by the time I had gone to the end of the foreshore and then back again I caught up with her (not as good as I first thought) and she was run/walking - so I thought "I'll have you" When she stopped to walk I ran a bit faster and caught up with her. Shouted a cheeky "hello" and gave her a wave as I passed. Now I know this is very childish and not hugely sportsmanlike, however this mostly happens to me so for once it was nice to be the one who was doing it. I didn't feel at all good about myself (well maybe a wee bit). She disappeared off another way (which is what I would do) so I was back to running myself. Got back to the college and did a bit of stretching. Then lunch.

Five miles done!

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Janey's fell walking tales

Having got my mileage out the way for the week by Thursday I thought I was in for a restful weekend where I didn't have to exercise those muscles. Who was I kidding, by the time we were having our dinner on Friday night I had clocked up 6 miles of walking about. The lake, as always, was really beautiful.

Saturday morning came and after a hearty Cumbrian breakfast (Ali not me - I just had a normal breakfast!) we got all togged up for our walk up Walla Crag. This is our walk that we do if we are only in Keswick for a short time. It is a decent walk, not too high but high enough that you get an excellent view of the fells in all directions. It has a good mixture of terrain and up and downyness. You also get to meander back along the lakeside on the way back. Finishing up with a nice bowl of soup at the Lakeside Cafe back in Keswick. It has to be said although it wasn't wet (just a bit misty from time to time) it was absolutely blowing a gale (can I not escape those winds? My hair was not at it's best really.....

Alistair on the other hand didn't have the same hair issues! We did this walk before Christmas and he said that he found our walk on Saturday much easier, he said he couldn't feel the clot as much as before, which is really good. He was walking really well.

Once we came down off the top of the hill we walked through the woods back to Friar's Crag. On the way we saw thee most awesome sight. Normally we look in the little pools at the side of the path to see the frog spawn or little frogs (depending on the time of year) but we have never ever seen the frogs actually producing the frog spawn. It was absolutely captivating (despite the fact that Alistair did point out that we were actually watching millions of wee frogs having it away with each other!!! :)). Not only that but we took pictures and a video. I was very intrigued by it all.


How cool is that????

Finally, we got back to Friar's Crag a wee bit knackered and ready for our lunch. 

Our weekend was really nice, it was a chance for us to chat about what happened last year and reflect back on how it has changed us as a couple. We are probably closer than ever and really enjoy each other's company. We missed Andy and Rhona being with us in Keswick but it was really lovely having time to just be Jane and Ali rather than Mum and Dad. 

Keswick means a lot to me, I have been going there since I was very young and it is the place where I find a lot of peace. The minute we turn down into the valley with Blencathra to our right followed by Skiddaw, Latrigg and then down into the town I am calm and no matter what has been happening I find peace. I was saying to Alistair that if the outcome had been different last year then Keswick is probably where I would have headed to mend because he would have been everywhere, we have had so many wonderful moments there. There are so many stories about all of the hills that we have shared. Anyway, enough wistfulness, just take it that we had a great weekend.

Catbells from Derwentwater

We walked almost 10 miles and when I think about how well Alistair looked walking up the hill, I am even more inspired to keep going and try and raise what I can and take on the SpeySide Way. An Ultra of 37 miles is no where near what Alistair survived last year so I will give it my all. I even bought new running shoes and a rather natty Ultra running back pack to carry my food and map for when I get lost on the Speyside Way. Fabulous weekend.

don't worry, be happy :)

Woke up this morning really early for a Sunday ( due to the fact that I was so knackered last night I went to bed early and fell fast asleep!). The sun was shining, there was no wind so I made plans for another cycle. By the time I had faffed about drinking coffee and packing a bag, and got myself out the door, " where's the sun gone?" too late to change my mind, so I drove to Duns and did another section of the 'strenuous' route I did yesterday. This time it wasn't so blowy in your face, but was still very challenging! I did a wee loop of 16 miles. That was enough, challenging, but manageable. Took some photos so if I can work out how to upload them.........

This was taken from half way up the first hill, see the white building in the distance? I pased that at the start of the ride.
This one was taken half way. I had cycled UP the 12% gradient, and that wasn't the steepest bit ( they dont make signs with 92% gradient!!)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

I was just going to do my normal run and swim today, but was not required as a taxi driver for Eilidh, so thought I would go for a cycle instead. I know I need to do more hills now as its only 6 weeks till Ventoux (aaargh!) so have found a 32 mile route described as "strenuous" in my trusty cycle route book which I am aiming towards before Ventoux. Usually I dont agree with their categories as "moderate" is usually actually quite exhausting, but I set off to do part of this route today, and strenuous it was!! After having a week off running and cycling I only intended to do about 12 - 15 miles of the hilly stuff, but I hadn't considered the "strenuous" + "wind in face"  = " I really dont think so" equation. It was so windy that I kept getting blown to the wrong side of the road ( perhaps this is in preparation for France?) and there was a comedy moment when my trouser leg got caught up in the pedal, and, I have no idea how, wrapped itself twice around.  I had to do lots of hopping attached to a bike to try to get to the side of the road, whilst being buffeted in strong wind, and in fits of giggles..I then just stood and looked at my trouser leg for ages to work out what had happened, and thought I may need to take them off to remedy the situation, luckily this was not glad it was on quiet roads!
So I completed a couple of really tough hills, but the wind was getting stronger and I was nearly blown off a couple of times ( again , more preparation for Ventoux?) and knowing I had to climb back up the down hill sections (no rest, still had to pedal downhill...grrr) turned back after 5 miles. the way back was a breeze, even going uphill at one point I was freewheeling, the wind just blew me along. As the return 5 miles was so easy, I felt a little guilty, so on return home..went for a run. 2 and a half miles..not too shabby my friends, not too shabby!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

It's been a bit quiet my end this week, what started as a bit of a cold at the weekend has ended up being a big horrible stinky cold! Having difficulty breathing normally does not inspire one to train! So I have had a few days off, but back at it this morning in the pool. I was still all blocked up with all sorts of gunky stuff but was soon 'all cleared out' after a few lengths. I am trying to wean myself off Pedro the Pool Boy, so I am swimming 4 lengths with then 2 without, and hope to swap that round after a couple of weeks.felt good after the swim.....feel knackered now, hopefully the worst of the cold has passed and I'll be back to full strength soon.

Janey's running ramblings

As Alistair and I are going to Keswick this weekend I thought I'd get my long run out of the way early so that I can have a guilt free weekend (although knowing us we will walk miles and miles anyway). So out I went at lunchtime. Well all I can say is that I am well and truly fed up of this stinky weather! It was absolutely blowing a gale, raining sideways and then warm one minute and freezing the next. That being said I got out there and ran 10 miles. It was a relatively easy ten miles, which is a good sign that ten miles is beginning to feel easy. That helps when you are starting to climb up to the bigger miles.

Really pleased I went out though, as I nearly talked myself out of it because of the weather. Not good to welch on the medium length runs though cos they help build the base for the longer ones.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

It was a toughy today. By the time I got home from work it was really horrible. It was windy and misty and rainy. Yuk. It took a bit of talking to myself to get  me out of my nice cosy house. But because I am away at the weekend I decided I really had to get out and do my 6 mile run. What to wear? It was so wet a rain jacket was necessary but was it cold? I opted not to put my gloves on but one step outside and I thought I need a hat. So with my Fetch buff, raincoat, long sleeved top, long leggings and my woolly hat out I set. About one mile into the run the jacket came off, two miles, the hat, three miles (the one with the big hill) I had to roll my sleeves up and unzip the bottom of my leggings. Phew, it was warm even though it was still raining and blowing a gale. Don't you just love scottish weather. As Billy Connolly said "there isn't bad weather, just the wrong clothes".

Anyway, 6 miles run and enjoying a cup of tea now.

don't worry, be happy:)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Telford HNC Students to help out!!

Today the HNC Early Education Childcare students agreed to dress in purple in class on the 26th March 2012 for the princely sum of £1.00 each to send Jane and Tracey on their way into their first challenges in April!

Thanks lots and lots all of you.

Jane and Tracey

Janey's running ramblings

What started out as a gentle recovery run turned into a huge trial of endurance! Tracey had a bit of a cold so wasn't keen to go out for a run today but encouraged me to go out nonetheless. So, wanting to do a bit of a recovery run after yesterday's 11 miles I decided that is what I would do. It was blowing a gale! I thought it was windy until I turned onto the Cramond foreshore and was almost horizontal trying to run. The waves were huge and were crashing on the rocks and coming up over the wall. I am not sure just how many miles an hour the wind was blowing but well to say that it was bloody windy would almost describe how windy it was.

Still, 2 miles out and I turned around! Who hoo! If I'd had a sail I'd have blown all the way back to Telford!! Only problem was I was so knackered after my 11 miles and pushing into the wind after 2 miles that my legs were aching and the wind was pushing me faster than I could manage.  Got back to Telford blown inside out and ready for my lunch. Glad I went out though - I am a bit puggled now though.

4 hard  miles in the bank! Rest day tomorrow - yippee :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Got up sharp this morning and was out on the road before 9am (although in a few weeks time this will need to be even earlier!). It was a gorgeous morning, but very cold. First problem I had was I couldn't find my gloves so had to head out without them and my hands shoved up my jumper sleeves.  Then about a mile into my run I noticed I was missing something else - my water bottle! Do I go back or do I just carry on and suffer the dehydration headache later on - mmmm - went for the headache. If it had been a longer run then I would have gone back but figured I could go 11 without a drink and I did have a lucozade energy gel (opted for this type this week as I seemed to remember them tasting okay! not bad but did whizz me straight back to VLM last year - I think I had about 9 of them during my 26 London miles.) Anyway, on with my run. It was a great run all in all. Had my headphones on and was running alongside the Pentlands for most of my run then I turned back via the Bush estate and the Dick Vet.

Felt quite good considering this is the first 11 miler I have done since Sept. Legs not to bad later on either, a tiny bit stiff but a bath tonight will sort that out.

Watching the cycling at the moment, on the edge of our seat with Chris Hoy!!! It is very exciting.

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Janey's swimming stories

All inspired by Tracey's blog I headed off to the pool with Rhona this afternoon. Did my 30 lengths in 21.44 which really isn't fast enough. So having tried to improve my arms and less "flailing about" (thanks Rhona) with my legs I decided that I had to try and get my damn head under the water. So, with Rhona's expert coaching I managed to swim for 4 breaths which was about 8 strokes. As I came up, realising I had managed that far and knowing that it would not have looked that graceful, both Rhona and the lifeguard were ending themselves. I severely reprimanded them both for their total lack of support and acknowledged that I probably did look a bit like a flailing eel!!! Still, progress. 8 strokes, 4 breaths and I didn't drown. Will keep practicing.

Watching Rhona in the pool is amazing, she effortlessly churns up and down the pool, hardly even breaking the surface of the water. As I was marvelling at this I turned to see how much splash I had made and laughed as it looked like a big boat had just churned past!!!! Some room for improvement I feel.

Hopefully stretching to an 11 miler at the weekend. I have been building up the distance slowly and hopefully will reach 16 miles before the half marathon. Aim is to try and be in a place where the half marathon is just a nice day out rather than a huge effort.

Anyway, lastly just like to congratulate Tracey on what is a real achievement with her diabetes. In October this just started out as a bit of a run on Monday to help her manage her diabetes, some how or other it has turned into a huge challenge, which for one I am having a ball with. I haven't felt so motivated and enjoying myself in a such a long time. After last year this is shaping up to be a great year. So thanks for asking me to go out running with you Tracey, it is working out well for us both.

don't worry, be happy :)

get yourself a cup of tea, this is a long post!

Today I got the results of my big diabetes tests. When I was diagnosed back in Oct, the docs were already suggesting medication, and being a stubborn old git, I didn't  want to, so basically I had three months ( the time in between blood glucose testing) to prove to myself and others that I didn't need to use medication and that my blood sugars could be controlled by diet and exercise. Today I'd like to start gloating...just a bit!! The numbers might not mean much, but basically as long as things are going down its good!!

Average blood sugars gone from 63 down to 55 - anything under 57 is good, woo hoo, this is the one I was really worried about
Cholesterol from 6.2 (oh dear!) to 5.2 - still too high but moving in the right direction
BMI from 30.1 down to 28.2 - again still a little high, but going the right way

So I am well chuffed. I might not be out of the woods, but I am certainly on the right path, and not bad in only three months I reckon!! The doc did suggest stattens for my cholesterol as I need to be down at about 4, but I convinced him that if I could reduce it by as much as I have in only 3 months then there was still room for improvement there. I also only found out about the cholesterol in Jan, so think I can definitely improve .

So...a moment to ponder...hearing the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes was frustrating. I wasn't that fat, unfit,old, slovenly! Or so I thought. I had a choice.... I could either sit back, take medication and give up ( in my head that how it would be) or give myself a shake and get on with it! I haven't had any chocolate, puddings or other indulgences since Oct and to be honest I don't really miss them.  I do randomly have cravings for muffins though, although I think that's just when I have a coffee. I have started to really look at eating sensible foods since about Christmas, and since being on my "learn how to be  a diabetic" training day I have also made other adjustments like not drinking fruit juice and eating more beans! The exercise has obviously made a huge difference, will I keep it up after June?...I intend to.
This whole mad endeavour has , for me , been about making changes to improve my health, and I like to think that today is showing that, although its hard work, it does produce results.  I have been motivated to do this for selfish reasons, and if I can also have the added incentive of helping a friend and raising some cash that's even better.
I would like to take a moment to thank Team have all helped me so far......please continue to do so!!
Official Training Partner and side kick - Jane M
Official Sniggerer at my attempts to run -Eilidh
Official Swim coach and suggester of Pool Boy!- Allister
Official Cycling coach/ domestique -Twads
Suppliers of team refreshments( yup, just the wine, and I'm not actually sure how much that helps!)- Carol, Maurice, Stephen and Julie
Official supporters on race days-  even though they are only there cos their parents made them go) Eilidh, Rhona, Kirsten and Rachel

And of course EVERYONE who has donated to the cause so far....We cant thank you enough!
Off to celebrate tonight with a glass of wine...yes, I'm still in denial about that!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

You would think being on holiday would make it easier to get out training, but somehow having more time makes it harder to get out the door. I keep putting my run off until I get to the stage I have to force myself out the door. I think I prefer having less time that way I make better use of the time I have got.

Anyway, enough of that and back to the training session. It was a lot different from yesterday, it was raining, windy and sunny all at once. I kept thinking about Tracey and her long cycle yesterday - better then than today! Anyway, back to my training session. I decided to go back over the route I ran with Tracey the other day and take some photos for the blog as it really is a nice route. So here is the route we took around Penicuik -

Spring is on its way!


Once into Sir John Clerk's estate I ran past some lovely views up towards Penicuik House. It was really windy but the sun was still shining at this point and I felt like I was running well at this point. 

Penicuik House

Moving on around the back of Penicuik House I headed off to the path which winds its way back to the main path. On the way I passed a monument (which I think is called the Ramsay Monument but can't be completely sure). Also passed lots of fantastic views which could well have been views in the Highlands not just a bit out of Edinburgh. Beautiful.

Once I had passed the monument I headed towards a lovely path carpeted with snowdrops. At this point Tracey said we should be skipping through the snowdrops! Can't blame her they were very pretty ........

Then it was off up the hill out of the estate and into Lowrie's Den. Wound my way through the woods until I got to the hill which Tracey reckons we needed crampons and ice picks for - 

It is the hill that just gives on giving! Right to the top. After this I headed over to the second part of the woods past Penicuik's very own Mont Ventoux, Carnethy (well okay not really but it is a big old hill).

Having had a thoroughly enjoyable run I meandered past the wee stream at the bottom of the hill and climbed through the gap at the bottom and ran home. 

Nice run, even if it was a bit windy and rainy. Hope the pics reminded you of our run Tracey!!!

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Not sure how to describe today without using expletives! That was HARD! 37 miles with lots of hilly bits. Went with official cycling coach Mr Ian Twaddle, who suggested the route and kept me motivated throughout, until the end bit when we were starting to get grumpy! Started off OK with lots of chatter and wondering at the beauty of the surrounding countryside, looking forward to the promise of hot coffee and scones at Clovenford. Was going well and just starting to ache in backside when we got there and had a break. But the worst was to come, lots of hills back to Heriot where the car was parked, and just as it started to get really hard Twads and I convinced ourselves it was only 'a couple of miles' from Stow to Heriot. This woud have been fine if we hadn't met a friend of Twads who told us the awful was still 8 miles!! At this point I had nothing left, and there was lots of up and downy bits to go. Things got quiet! That last 8 miles might as well have been 80! But we made it! As my motivation coach Stephen would always say " that's another few miles in the bank"

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Well Tracey braved it out to the wilds of Penicuik. She will be happy to hear that I checked the mileage and we did actually run 4 MILES!!!! not 3 miles as I first thought. It was a very enjoyable run through the Penicuik estate and Lowries Den woods. Not too muddy either. Nice run :)

I saw this and thought about Tracey ....

"Although most of us will never play football at Wembley or cricket at Lord's, we can ride the Galibier or Ventoux - but we must know that it will hurt. To deprive oneself of that challenge, although, would be to bridle at the drawbridge to a magical kingdom, a private wonderland where you won't find witches or dragons - but the wheels of a bicycle pointing high and winding way to pure elation."

Mountain High, Friebe and Godling. 

Don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

What a difference a day makes! From yesterdays 'can't lift my aching head off the sofa' hangover fiasco, to today's 17 mile cycle. I left the house in bright sunshine and headed off to my usual route, as soon as the bike was off the car the clouds loomed and the temp dropped by a couple of degrees, add to that the wind chill, which although wasn't strong, was chilly, and it turned out to be quite a challenge. But , it did feel easier, and thats the whole point.
Ventoux trip now booked and paid for ( well, the credit card has) need to get serious!!!

Janey's running ramblings

What absolutely gorgeous day for running. The sun was shining, there was only a light breeze and it wasn't too cold. Perfect! Ran five miles comfortably. I like when you get to the point in your training where 5 miles becomes an easy run, that's when you know you are getting stronger. Feeling good!

Rest day tomorrow, but might go for a walk anyway (active rest I think that is called). Tracey is braving it out to the mountainous region of Midlothian (Penicuik) for a run with me on my turf! Been trying to plot a route which doesn't have any hills (almost impossible - there might be one or two wee tiny ones but we will definitely avoid the biggies I promise Tracey). The Ventoux will seem tiny in comparison to Penicuik hills (not).

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Janey's biking blether

Well unlike my lush of a training partner (!!!) I still had a short session on the turbo trainer. My left ankle was showing signs of swelling after my 10 mile run and 8 mile round trip/hike up Carnethy yesterday so I thought I ought to rest it a bit and not go for my 4 mile run. Swapped Friday's cycle for the run. Will have to try and work out what it is that is making my ankle swell up (I am guessing it will probably just be 26 years of running taking its toll but will just ignore this thought for a while). I am going to ice it and rest it later to stop it in its tracks.

don't worry, be happy :)
Great plans for today! All totally ruined by one too many glasses of wine last night. This time I blame Stephen and Julie for their generous hospitality! The plan was for a 35 miler,(that's a cycle not a run, I'm not crazy like Jane) but these are now firmly on hold until later this week, I just don't think my body could take it after the punishment it took last night. It's all part of the training plan, for when I am in France I will have to drink the local wine, so I need to practice!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

10 miles today!!! Took me ages but it was good. I set out early, because it is the Carnethy Hill Race today and Rhona and I are going up the hill to cheer on the Fetchies doing it, and I wanted to get my run out of the way first. I was trying out a new energy sweet thingy made by Powerbar. They were meant to be cola flavour and you take 5 sweets to equal an energy gel. I thought they would be easier to take but after the 3rd one I was choking them down and spent the next mile feeling like I was going to be sick! However, they did kick in and I felt like I was running strong. But then all of a sudden WHAM my energy levels dropped like a stone. So given the taste was rubbish and the fall in energy levels after they run out was too dramatic will have to try something else. Might just go back to real food and try raisins next time. Any suggestions from fellow Fetchies will be gratefully received.

Had a good run though and I am now enjoying a nice cup of tea.

don't worry, be happy :)

PS Just read Tracey's post - GO TRACEY!!!!!!! Allez Allez Allez :)

Just come back from the Carnethy Hill race, now that's a field full of really bonkers people! So on top of my 10 mile run Rhona and I have now walked around 8 miles (up Carnethy and then home). Pretty tired now.
Very impressive race to watch though, the route basically goes round in a circle and you can see runners everywhere. It has to be thee most energetic spectating that I have ever done.


Just booked my trip to France to tackle Le Ventoux, what have I done????
am just waiting for confirmation so there's still time to back out, perhaps they won't have bike available, or maybe all the hotels will be booked, or there's no trains to France that day....anything....please! The ride is described as " the ultimate challenge" and reading the various websites the most frequently used word is 'relentless' .
On holiday from work this week...woohoo am mixing things up a bit ( I know, wild and crazy eh?) am going to concentrate on doing 2 or 3 hard cycles in an attempt to convince myself that I have a chance of making it up Le Mont!!!

Did my Sat run today though, a different route as I started from home and ran along towards the Braids, but blooming heck, didn't I run over 6k, in fact it was nearly 7!! Jane will be thinking I'm starting to enjoy this! Off swimming now. Need to do this as off out to friends later for much eating and drinking for a belated Burns night. My 'turn' is trying to convince them all to donate some cash!!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Janey's swimming stories

What a busy morning I have had. I had so much to fit in I started early.

8am Asda online shopping - tick
9am Swimming session - tick
9.50 (although was a wee bit late) dentist - tick
10 am Tesco shopping (bread and milk) - tick
10.15am Pick up parcels at the post office - tick
10.30am washing on and hoovering - tick
10.45 am wee cup of tea and a bit of Fetching - tick

My swim was interesting. I had the whole pool to myself for 13 lengths and then the lifeguards looked they were putting out lanes (I got momentarily excited) and then I realised they were putting the boom wall up for the wee tiny tots swimming class. I asked the lifeguard if what was left was 20m - "no" he said "17 and a half". What kind of half assed distance is that???? I just couldn't do the maths so just kept swimming until it got to 9.30am (cos that was the time I had to leave to make the dentist on time - which I didn't!!).

So early on my day's training is over and my afternoon is set to be just as busy. Got to take Andy into the University and then come home and do the ironing.

life is good (if busy)

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Its not been a good week this week, haven't been feeling too great and have been super busy at work. No time for a run yesterday, that's the first time I have missed any of my planned training , but it was my 'floating ' day so I'm not going to beat myself up about it! Back on schedule this morning with my swim, 30 lengths completed in about 20 something mins. Also had my 3 month blood tests, which I get the results for next week. These are to test if any or all of this has had the desired effect on my blood sugar levels. I am hoping it has, as that means I may not have to go on medication (the whole reason for starting this madness !) Even if I do need to start taking it, I don't have to stop training........Jane would never let me!!!!

Janey's running ramblings

My day started early with a session on the turbo trainer at 8am. 30 mins doing sprints (a bit like fartlek but don't know if you can do that on a bike). It was really hard work but felt good. Then I headed over to the primary school for my Thursday morning volunteering session. Great fun as always and it just got better when the kids asked if they could do some of their Scottish country dancing (which they had done the previous week for the scottish day). What you need to know is that when we were practising the week before with them the Teacher described the three groups of children as "two sets and a motley crew". The motley crew were the 8 boys who were left together because there isn't enough girls. Today, there were only 7! guess who had to make up the 8th!!! I told them they had to show me what to do, well this just sent them into fits of giggles and they proceeded to lead me a merry dance through the whole thing. I was puggled by the end of two dances. The teacher just laughed all the way through at me trying to keep up with them. The boys thought this was all great fun and just got worse and worse as the dance went on. So this is definitely going down as cross training  !!!! :)

Later on I despite the cold I hauled myself out the door for a 4 mile run. Whilst we still don't have any snow it was absolutely freezing, a really cold raw afternoon. It was another one of those grey days where even the grass looks grey!

Going to my bed very tired tonight I think. Good day though.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Didn't have a lot of time today for my run so I headed out at 4.30pm and decided to do some hill sprints up and down Rullion Road. Flippin' eck it was hard work, I was very out of breath but felt good afterwards. Hopefully the speed work and hill work that I have been doing recently will pay off eventually.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Today Tracey and I went out for our usual Monday lunchtime run. It was good to get out of the college today, the sun was shining and it wasn't that cold. Tracey said the measured distance we ran was just over 5k so that will do  for me. We ran quite quickly today - I suspect that was because Tracey was in a really grumpy mood and was taking it out on the run!!!! I felt good today considering I did 9 miles yesterday. Was a good run.

To top of my mileage for the day I went out for a quick 2 miles when I got home to take my mileage up to 5 miles. I am on week 5 of my huge schedule and determined to stick with it! My 2 mile run took me a quick jaunt around the woods of Penicuik. The pavements were quite slippy as we still have some snow which has turned to thick ice but still was able to get along on the grassy bits.

Rest day tomorrow, thank goodness, I quite like Tuesday as a rest day as it feels like a real treat because it is during the week and not at the beginning or end.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Just in from 9 miles. Was really hard work but a great run. First technical issue I had was the energy gel I took with me for half way. I haven't had an SIS gel since London Marathon last year and now I remember why!! yuk, I just can't take them any more. I did try Lucozade gels last year but I think I sickened myself with gels last year. Will have to investigate better energy gels - might go back to putting raisins in a wee bag and eating real food rather than always relying on energy gels. Anyway, back to my run - by the time I got back to Penicuik (about 7 miles) I could feel myself slipping into my usual trudge at the end of a long run - I decided at that point that this was just habit and that if I am to get any faster I will need to break this habit. So with 2 miles to go I started with a bit of Fartlek. I kept this up all the way home (even ran fast up the Queensway - which is my usual trudge point). Only managed 11 and a half minute miles which is slow. I have been working on getting faster over shorter distance but will have to start working on the longer distance time. Lots of work to do. Having fun though :).

Tracey, CBA's catch up with us all from time to time, you did the right thing by doing something rather than nothing. I will make you work hard tomorrow to make up for it :)

don't worry, be happy :)
Serious case of whatever Jane had on Wed. Just could not bring myself to cycle in the cold miserable weather this morning. So had a bit of a cop out and went to the gym instead. But I did put the hill setting on the bike and cycled 12k up 1300 meters, trying to convince myself that I was building my strength for Ventoux! Then I did a short run , just 1 k, but it gave me an idea of what it will be like to transition. Now I'm looking out the window at a lovely sunny day, so I could have been out on my bike after all! Still I have a whole day of marking to look forward to now...great!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

As we were heading through to Granny's today I decided that I would get up early and go out for my 4 miles before we went. So on a Saturday (!!!) I was out the door at 8am. It was a lovely morning, the sun was rising, and whilst it was cold it was a really nice morning. Had a really good run, had a blether with Susie (another runner) and then headed home all before 9am. Cracking run, and I am so glad I didn't do what I had planned and gone for a run in St Monans. It was horrible by the time we were through in Fife, it was snowy, pouring with rain and just plain grey! Then we watched Scotland getting beat by England (again!) and headed back to Penicuik. When we got back to Penicuik it was all snowy - typical :) Hopefully manage 9 miles tomorrow.

don't worry, be happy :)

PS Very impressed Tracey - you are getting a bit serious aren't you????
Had a bit of everything today, snow,sleet, wind and rain, but no sun!
Wasn't looking forward to my run in the horribleness, but I must be blessed or something, for as I dropped Eilidh off at her dance class it stopped raining/sleeting/snowing and didn't start again till I got home with a nice hot bowl of soup! I'm trying to increase my distances now, not to silly amounts like Jane, but just to 6k, so that I don't die in a 5k. The route I planned along the Innocent Railway, past Holy Rood High School and back to Grange Loan is only a wee smidgen short of 6k so that'll do nicely for me. Felt like the slowest runner of all time today though, did the distance in what felt like a couple of hours but was really only 45 mins, but it's still the longest I have ever run without stopping, so I should be pleased. thinking positively, it'll give me a target time to beat. Hip hurts today as I forgot to stretch after my run on Wed...see what happens when you don't stretch Jane?
Then it was off to the pool, earlier than normal as it closes early on a Sat! Swam for 40 mins, no idea how many lengths, but tried to do a couple at the end without the pool buoy. Something weird happens...I just turn into some sort or octopus having convulsions, with arms and legs going every where, breathing all over the place, and not really moving anywhere.....still, there's plenty time left to train to be able to do 30 lengths in 20 mins, isn't there?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Janey's running ramblings

I warn you this is a blog entry where I am very thoughtful .......

Today as I was running through the woods on my way home from a very pleasant 5 mile run (leg not so sore now - rest was a good plan) I passed through what could be described (in a Victorian novel) as a wooded glade! The winter sun was gleaming through the bare winter trees and the usually muddy path was glistening with frost (lovely, no mud). On each side of the path were bunches of early crocuses (I know too early given there is snow due tomorrow but still....) lovely purple flowers bursting out of the buds. It was at that point that I started to think about why I run. I often get fed up with the fact that my hours were cut at work and that I only work half the week and that we have less money than we did this time last year and then I realised that life is not that bad. I still have Alistair, Andrew and Rhona are healthy and happy and I get to spend countless hours out running. When people (who don't run) wonder at why I can be bothered running all the time, it is really hard to explain. When you don't run running appears to be just a lot of hard work and is exercise but when you do run you realise it is much much more than that. I get to spend hours running through the most amazing scenery, I see animals, I hear birds (when I don't have my mp3 player on listening to Chris Evans) and I experience all sorts of weather. Today I had crispy sunshine and it was wonderful. So there is a silver lining to only working half the week, I love being outside running, it gives me a real feeling of being alive - you really know you are alive especially when the run is really hard work. My life is good, and while it lasts I will always be outside running (I will walk if I can't run). On Fetch there is a thread which asks "three things you saw on your run today....." well my entry today will be a bird building a nest, brand new crocuses and a frosty covered sun streaked wooded glade. Life is good :)

I did warn you ....... (it is the hippy in me - I can't help it )

don't worry, be happy :)

Oh and the Edinburgh Marathon is only 16 weeks away - aaaggghhh !!!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursdays are my swimming days, so was in the pool early again. I really wish I could concentrate whilst swimming, I was trying to count how many strokes in each length, so that I can try to do as few as possible, unfortunately after about 4 my mind starts to wander and I end up with a total of 14 or maybe 15 or sometimes 17! Then I can't remember how many lengths I do! I end up just swimming for half an hour and hoping for the best. Can I do 30 lengths in 20 mins?..... No idea!
Arms were tired after and spent the rest of the day walking round looking like an ape, dragging my knuckles along the floor.

Janey's swimming stories

Today, because my leg is still a bit stiff, I decided to move my swim from Friday to today. The pool was lovely as the sun was twinkling off the water and there was hardly anyone in the pool, bliss. Well I ended up swimming my 750 m in 22 mins and 24 secs, which is not bad but still too slow! Got till June to get this down to 20 mins as this is my goal time. Anyway, leg feels much better after my swim and I am glad I didn't force it and go for a run.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A long day at work today, so was planning a run at 4 ish before cracking on with some marking, but totally forgot about a meeting I'd arranged! Luckily I remembered at lunchtime, so on with the running shoes and off I went. You will be impressed ( I hope!) ran my usual route along the shore ( about 4.5 k) and did interval training ( using the benches as guides) the whole way out. This took my 17 mins ( for half the distance) and just ran back, which took 19 mins. I was well impressed with my super fast "sprinting". Some colleagues walked past just as I was doing the fast bit, saying I was getting faster, didn't mention the fact I was about to slow down after the next bench!

Janey's running ramblings

Had a good dose of the CBA's today, got home from work and just couldn't get myself going despite having lots of enthusiasm all the way home as it was such a nice day. I had my lunch and watched some telly and then talked myself back into going for a run. So five miles here I come! From the first steps my legs were just weird, they felt really wobbly. Kept going - three miles into my run my right quads started to seize up, it was worse as I ran down hills. So I stopped for a wee bit and stretched my leg out and walked for a bit. My leg eventually loosened up so I carried on but it was starting to stiffen again by the last mile. Stretched it out when I got back and have iced it for a bit. No injuries allowed!!!!! Five miles (just).

don't worry, be happy :)