The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Janey's no running ramblings

Ho hum, yesterday as I was coughing my lungs up in the car on the way back from a nice afternoon with Rhona shopping in the town, my back went into a huge spasm and I had to be helped out of the car by Alistair!!! After an agonising night in my bed with an ice pack and several painkillers I have got up this morning and it is beginning to settle down a bit. In a weird sort of way the spasm usually marks the recovery as my sore back usually starts to get better again. So here's hoping it will follow the usual pattern. Will definitely stay off the running for a whole week though (despite it driving me nuts).

Tracey I am so impressed and proud of how you have handled your diabetes and can't wait for the Ventoux updates next weekend. I will be thinking about you all day on Easter Sunday.

I am still planning to get myself up and running again for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon on the 15th, can't let the side down :)

Anyway, keep reading, Running Janey will return :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

2 days in a row cycling to work. Feel quite smug! Actually it's been quite pleasant cos it's been so nice, if it was always like this I'd cycle all the time...Eilidh would have to get a backy though....think she'd go for it? I was musing as I was cycling along the Braids about a few years ago when I got a random virus that no one could identify, it completely floored me and took weeks to recover from. That was about 5 years ago, and could have been the cause of my diabetes. I have read that sometimes a viral infection can cause it. Anyway when I was recovering from that I started to cycle and I felt a sense of achievement when I was able to cycle from my house to the end of the Braids and back again without stopping. Now I wouldn't even get on my bike for such a short distance, I would just run it!
By the way.....woohooo! Off work for 2 weeks!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Eilidh is off to Vancouver with her dad and her best friend, so without the need to be an on call taxi driver I was able to cycle to and from work today. Going is easy peasy, as it's mostly down hill, but going home is all uphill. It's about 9 miles each way, so quite a good route. My crowning glory was when I overtook the top of Liberton Brae! Granted it wasn't at the steep bit, and I had come across the Braids so hadn't cycled up it myself, and he probably had, but I felt really quite smug as I steamed passed him.....he wasn't even an old man! I had cycled this route before, a long time ago, but this time it felt much easier and it definitely didn't take me as long as it had before. Might do it all again tomorrow!!

Janey's no running ramblings

Well today was my first day of not training. And it sucks! My morning was lovely, a little surreal, but nice (as Julia Roberts said to Hugh Grant in Nottinghill). I was over at the primary school and the whole school were celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee. All of the classes sang songs from an old radio program called "Children's favourites"? Never heard of it but it consisted of songs like "You're a pink toothbrush, I'm a blue toothbrush", "Valderee, Valdera" and "When you get to the end of a lollipop". The kids were all dressed in red, white and blue and the parents all came to see. Then we all headed out to the playground with crowns on and Union Jacks to wave. One of the boys asked the teacher, "why are we doing this?" which was a little odd given they have spent a week talking about the queen!!! Eventually we got to a point in the playground where the headteacher was standing and then a child from the nursery (the youngest in the school) and a child from primary 7 (the oldest) planted an oak tree. When the headteacher lifted it up to show everyone first there was a roar of laughter from the parents and the kids as it just looked like a bit of stick. The teacher that I help and I giggled thinking that on the way back into the school the kids will probably run over it and that would be that!!! I love history and I did get a kick out of the fact that this tree sapling was from Sandringham and that it would grow into a huge oak tree to be in the playground for ever (if it didn't get stood on later that day). Once planted the two kids (and the Queen obviously) got a three cheers and there was lots of flag waving. Seeing that many flags waving against a blue sky was kinda cool but did make the teacher and I start talking about independence and whether we would feel more patriotic seeing a sea of Saltires. It wasn't in anyway a political thought just a curious thought about what the future might hold for Scotland. Anyway, then we had to walk back through the cheering parents, which I have to say we both felt was the surreal bit, I just waved my flag and got on with it.

So then in an effort to avoid thinking about not running I hung out my washing and then my Mum phoned to say they had visitors. My two cousins Julie and Wilma, who I have not seen in absolutely years, it was brilliant seeing them again and although we are all older it just seemed the same with them as if the years didn't matter. Great to see them.

So back home, now I am sitting with an ice pack at my side enjoying yet another cup of tea to wash down my Brufen. We are going out the the High School tonight where Andrew is making his debut solo singing performance at a charity concert for Marie Curie. So that should be fun if a little nerve racking (for him and us).

My race details for the Rock and Roll Half have pinged into my mail box and now I am all excited despite my sore side - it will be fixed by then! Even if I have to walk half the way. It looks way too exciting to miss. Mum has convinced me that a swim tomorrow would help my sore side so I might just take her up on it and go for that swim.

Anyway, that was my day without running, much more positive today.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Janey's sore side ramblings

Went to the Docs and he was really great. He poked about whilst I said "no not hurting there" and then I hit the roof just as he got to the sticky out bit of my ribs and he poked just underneath and he said "Oh so it will be hurting there then" :-) . I can't remember doing anything to hurt it so he thought it was just a musculo skeletal injury (at the point where the muscles attach to the ribs) and that I have probably just overstretched at some point. 

Upshot is I have to get an x-ray and rest it and take painkillers for a while. So I have decided to take the hard decision (for me) to not train for a week to see if it will settle down. I am at a point where I was running 14 miles and my fitness is better than it has been in a long time. So I should be able to take a week off without too much problem. 

If I can't do the rock and roll half (which I will be very disappointed to miss) I will do Keswick in May instead which is one of my all time favs. 

Main thing is that it is not too serious and will go away in time. 

Got to try and chill out now.

don't worry, be happy :-)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Today Tracey and I ventured out on our lunchtime run along the Cramond foreshore - and shock of shocks it wasn't windy and the sun was shining so much it was almost too warm. Tracey has under two weeks now until her first challenge - Mont Ventoux (just in case you had forgotten Tracey :)). Mine is three weeks away with the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Edinburgh. Tracey was looking good despite her cold! Bring it on :)

Our fabulous HNC students and the staff from the Childcare and Social Care team helped us raise £55 by dressing in purple for the day and eating cakes. Thanks to Rhona for the delicious cakes and scones and to Maxine for her lemon buns. The students joined in the fun by wearing purple and eating the cakes!!

 The staff in our team also dressed in purple and ate the cakes :) It was a really nice day and I thank you all for taking part.

don't worry, be happy :)

Couldn't resist going out when I went home from work as it was so warm. So a quick 3 miles was in order. It was just lovely. That makes about 5 miles for today. Back feeling a bit better now.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Janey's swimming stories and running ramblings!!!!

Woke up this morning and decided that my back was just not up to fifteen miles. I still have a bit of wriggle room in my schedule so I was able to miss this run without too much damage being done. But I still wanted to do something so Rhona and I headed off down to the swimming pool. Back was a bit sore to start with but it did stretch up as I started my warm up. So after about ten lengths warming up I went for 20 lengths crawl. Very slow but managed it. Then I did a bit of swimming with my head in the water practice. Managed to do a bit, but not a lot. Getting better at it though.

After lunch the weather was so nice Rhona and I decided to go out with me running and her on her bike. My back was a bit better but still sore. Still not running very fast. We went around the woods and had a bit of fun on the way!

When we got back it was time to start the great haemophilia bake off! We ended up with 56 fairy cakes and a batch of cheese scones (baked especially by Rhona for Tracey!). Phew that was a lot of cakes to ice.

Tomorrow at college the HNC Early Education students are dressing in purple to help us with our fundraising. So Rhona and I have made them loads of cakes. Thanks guys :) Look out for your picture on twotacklethree!

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Well only managed five miles today my sore back has now localised and is definitely a strained or pulled muscle in my side. It is better but still quite sore when I am running, particularly down the hills. I most definitely won't be running 15 miles tomorrow. This is the first time since January that I have not been able to keep to my schedule but I am better missing one long run than putting myself out for a whole week or two. I might go for a swim as it really seemed to ease out in the water. More ibuprofen and a hot water bottle at my side whilst I watch the telly will improve things! :)

That being said what a beautiful run I had, the sun was shining, it was really warm and there were two of the most beautiful horses in the field on the way up to Silverburn. For the last day of winter this was a nice day!

Remember to move the clocks on!

Do you think our clocks will be changed in the class room Tracey? Imagine if Morrisons forget to change theirs - where will you be then! Hee Hee :)

don't worry, be happy :)
It's all been pretty quite this week at my end. After my feeble attempt to run on Monday I had to go home and have lie down, felt like proper flu, which I have never had before, shivering, sweating, sore muscles, headache.....the works.I marched into the chemists with a list of my ailments and bought the shop, and have been ODing on echinacea ever since! Interestingly though I explained to the chemist I had type 2 diabetes, so they wouldn't suggest something with high sugar, he asked me what medication I was on, when I replied "none" he asked me 2 more times. "No, I mean what prescribed medication are you on?" I replied "none". (Condescending look)"What I mean is, what medicine do you take every day for your diabetes?". Once again, "none". He honestly looked like he still didn't believe me so I had to explain that it was diet and exercise controlled. Why is the first response from a medical practitioner to assume this? It makes me even more determined to stay off drugs as long as possible.
By Tues morning I still felt crap, but it was more like a normal cold again, but with a really annoying cough thrown in! So for the rest of the week I have done nothing! Cough still bothering me and my head is still bunged up. Am getting more than a little worried that Ventoux is only 2 weeks away, and I'm not exactly feeling fit! Eilidh has had her dance show all week so I've been helping out there every evening, so still no rest for me ( or her!). Hope to feel up to a cycle by tomorrow but it's unlikely to be the long hard one I had planned!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Janey's swimming stories

I had to talk myself into my swim today as my back has been sore all night. It is a bit of an odd sore back as it is not lower back like I normally get but it is over to my side, almost like a stitch, and almost at my waist. I reckon it is either a trapped nerve or a muscle strain. After sitting for a while this morning, I decided that sitting wasn't making it feel any better so I got myself together and headed down to the pool. I had already decided that I wasn't going to try and do lengths but just to try and stretch out my side. Well my body wouldn't have let me swim lengths even if I had wanted to - jeezy peeps it was sore. I had to stop trying to swim the crawl as this was just too sore, it settled right down when I swam breast stroke. So I slowly dawdled up and down the pool and gradually it eased out. I even stopped every now and again to stretch (you'd be proud of me Tracey) it out (side bends etc) in the water. I looked like a right plonker but it has really helped, it feels really loose now and nowhere near as sore as it was this morning. Which is comforting because that kinda feels like it is just a pulled muscle and should heal soon.  I'll just have to take it easy for a few days to let it ease out.

Anyway, having lunch now and watching Bondi Rescue! Not sure if Cornwall will be quite the same but it is getting me in the mood for surfing :) Do we get a t-shirt for the Peebles Triathlon Tracey? got to be able to pose on the beach with a Tri tee!! :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

What a beautiful day - Spring has truly sprung. Took myself up onto the road that runs alongside the Pentland hills. The sun was shining, the sky was blue with no clouds and the sheep were still standing there thinking I had lost the plot.

Despite having a wee niggle in my back - (a heat pad and two ibuprofen and now it feels much better) - I ran a wonderful 7 miles. Met Pam (hello if you have made it to my blog Pam) who I have known for many years, since playgroup days, and who is always very encouraging about my efforts to be an afleet and who didn't disappoint and sent me on my way with lots of encouragement.

Might give the bike a miss tomorrow as I think that my aggravate my back. Will still go for a swim.

Hope the nice weather stays for the weekend.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

I was due to run 5 miles today but I have a bit of a niggle in my back. Not sure what it is not the normal sore back I get. I suspect I have pinged something when I was out on my bike last weekend as it has been hanging around since then. Anyway, toddled around 3 miles. It was very warm, really nice to be able to run and not be fretting about how cold my hands are.

9 weeks on Sunday to the Marathon. 15 miles this Sunday! 16 the next!

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Tracey and I headed out for our lunchtime run at Cramond today and what with Tracey having a stinky cold and me having tired legs after yesterday's 14 miles we only managed a hobble for 2 miles (I am being generous Tracey!) and then walked back up the muckle hill at the end. Still we got out of the college and got some fresh air. However, when I got home I talked myself into doing another 3 miles because I really did want to work out the DOMS before they kicked in tomorrow. It was hard work but my legs feel much better now.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Now I feel like I am doing some marathon training. 14 miles today!!!! Left the house at 8.30am and it was beautiful. Very quiet, sunny and still today. For the first 10 miles I was running along nicely, doing quite well, nice pace, not too tired. And then my ten mile cycle decided to make it's presence known and my left calf muscle decided to threaten to cramp up. I nursed it along for 4 miles having to run/walk occasionally to stop it pinging. Managed to get home, not the fastest run ever but I made it. It was really a good run.

Tried out my peanut butter Clif bars - yummy! Finally found something that was yummy to eat on the way which gave me lots of energy.

Got my 3 miles with Tracey tomorrow, I have a feeling it might be a bit of a hobble rather than a run - but got to keep going! :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Janey's cycling chat

First of all I would like to thank all the parkrunners who donated last week and today and have really kindly donated £40.00. Excellent, thanks to all.

Secondly, blinky me Tracey that was an amazing cycle today - bring on the Ventoux that's all I can say. And by the way there is NO WAY I am ever running the mighty deerstalker so don't even try and convince me it would be a good idea. Mud, tunnels, wading in it - yuk!!!

Onto my bike ride today which in comparison to Tracey's does actually feel like we were out playing! Erin (my neice) texted during the week and asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride when visiting Granny. My other neice Vicky's partner James was going to come too. So okay I thought great way to finally get my bike out of the conservatory and onto the road. Yesterday it was absolutely pouring with rain so my enthusiasm for it was waning slightly. However, this morning we were up bright and early (works on the Forth Road Bridge so Ali had us all on the road by 8.15am to avoid them) and the sun was shining in a beautiful blue sky.

We had arranged to go out after lunch. The wind had gotten up a wee bit but it was still lovely and sunny. Now we come to the bit which slightly differs from the amazing cycle which Tracey did today. We cycled (working fairly hard I have to say) up to Elie via Kilconquhar and Earlsferry.  We headed for the Harbour Cafe (which is run by Erin's pal Laura) and had a wee break. Erin and I had a healthy milk shake and James, well what can I say - I think this may be taking carbo loading to extreme!!!

What you can't see is the fact that the drink is a large chocolate milkshake with cream!!!

not terribly sure what they were both looking at???

Once James had finished his mid cycle snack, we headed back the way we came because Erin decided that she wanted to miss out the big hill on the way back to St Monans. However, whilst we managed to avoid that hill we managed to cycle up a whole new set of hills on the way back. Hills which I didn't really register were downhills on the way out! Still made us work hard. Erin and I did note that at one point James was cycling zig zaggy all over the road and not really looking like he was working hard, whilst we were definitely working hard. Obviously his massive bit of cake didn't slow him down any :) 

We got back to St Monans and when we got to Granny's the kettle was on - nice. We also had a bit of a laugh because Erin all the way through our cycle had been calling her bike seat a sofa, I thought it was just because it was exceptionally large and comfy looking. It wasn't until she pointed out that it was indeed called "sofa" that I got why she was calling it that. I think it was twice the width of mine!!

It was a great day to have my bike out for the first time on the real road. And I do have a new found respect for what Tracey is about to do because I was cycling up some pretty lame hills today and was quite nick nacked - the Ventoux will be a real achievement. Still ten miles in the bank and it only took us about an hour which is looking good for my time for the triathlon. (don't know if that is good or not but it is the sort of time I am aiming for.)

However, tomorrow I will get back to my running. I am going long tomorrow - 14 miles. I know it is Mother's Day but it is also only 10 weeks to the marathon so needs must. Monday's 3 mile run might be interesting Tracey.

don't worry, be happy :)

What a beautiful day for a cycle! Eilidh and I had the sort of morning where you just seem to be chasing your tail, so I hadn't had any time to think about what training I would do. I knew I'd be busy tomorrow all day, so plumped for a long bike ride. I did the same route as I completed with Twads in Feb, which I think is about 38 miles. I went the other way round the route, starting at Heriot, as I knew I wouldnt be able to face the demoralising final 8 miles on my own. The first part to Clovenford is really hard, but today it was so nice I even cycled without my jacket or fleece on! Normally I have both! I managed to keep going by playing my new game, guess how many miles are left. I started off doing how many miles have I completed, but motivationally that just doesn't work for me. At Innerlethan I though I'd have a problem as when I have done this route in the past I have always finished there, so I was not looking forward to the thought of still having 19 miles to go up the biggest and longest hill of the day . But the Mighty Deerstalker race was on. I completed this a few years ago, and it was hell. I don't mean completed, I mean endured. This race involves running ( yeah right, it's more of a crawl up a great big bloody hill) 5k ( there is NO WAY that route is only 5 k) and crawling through frozen muddy ponds, rivers and ditches. And that was only the Deerstalker, the Mighty is 10 k and is run at night.....absolute madness. I was fondly reminiscing about the pints we were scoffing after finishing whilst Stephen ( who had done the Mighty) was shivering in a freezing tent having finished way quicker than we all thought whilst we were cozily chatting in the pub, with the car keys, so he couldn't even change out of his freezing soggy clothes...oops! Anyway, the sight of these poor sodden, frozen people emerging from the tunnel which you have to wade though up to your armpits, was enough to make me feel smug and warm on my bike and off I sped up the hill. A good ride, and at wind!!!!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Janey's no running ramblings

I have just read Tracey's blog and it must just be the week for it. I have been feeling so rubbish this week I have not been out since our run on Monday. Rhona had a bug at the beginning of the week and was off school for a few days and then it was my turn to catch the bug. It has just floored me. I haven't even felt like running at all. I might try to go for a swim this morning and take it easy rather than do a full session.

I am going to take my bike to Fife with me tomorrow cos Erin (my niece) asked if I wanted to go on a bike ride with her. First time I will have been outside on my bike for at least a year. I have done lots of miles on the turbo trainer but will have to actually pedal up a hill and out in the weather. So that should be fun :)

I will take the camera so look out for some spectacular photos (hee hee).

Also a wee shout out for the parkrunners at Edinburgh Parkrun and to Gary (Race Director) who is passing our bucket around again tomorrow for our fundraising effort. Thanks Parkrunners.

don't worry, be happy :)

Swimming this morning went well. I decided not to time myself or even count lengths I just decided to swim. Swam for 20 until the big kids came in and it felt like a washing machine again. I didn't feel too bad this morning, bug obviously on it's way out.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

This work malarky is really interfering with my training schedule! I was so busy Tues and Wed that I had no time for a run at all! And I don't mean the "I can't be bothered" type of run, I actually wanted to go out, but too many classes and meetings. I did get back to it this morning with my swim though.
I feel a sense of achievement as I managed 2 whole lengths of front crawl without Pedro without stopping and without drowning......or even feeling like I was going to drown....progress indeed!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Our lunchtime toddle along the front at Cramond was lovely today. There was no wind - finally!! It was fairly warm and we both ran along putting the world to rights and just generally having a gab! Tracey said her legs were a wee bit stiff after her strenuous cycle up all the hills yesterday. Having dodged my long run yesterday my legs feel a lot rested so should be able to pick up where I left off last week.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Janey's cycling comments

Well today I woke up with a big dose of the CBA's. I was due to run 11 miles today but after last weekend I think I wore myself out. So rather than do nothing (I couldn't even face 6 miles) I decided to do another brick session.

So I did 45 mins on the turbo trainer and then straight out the door (laid out my trainers like a real transition) for a 2 mile run. Flinking Blip - I forgot how hard it was doing that. It has been a lot of years since I last did a Triathlon and the memory of the wobbly legs had diminished slightly. However, about 1/4 mile into my run my legs stopped feeling like they belonged to someone else and they got strong again and I was soon running along quite happily. This has given me some confidence for the triathlon because the 2 miles was relatively easy after being on the bike so 3 shouldn't be much more of a problem. My next plan is to get my bike outside! I will need to get a new tyre as I have smoothed the one that is on it on the turbo trainer and it is sure to pop the minute I go outside.

Will get running again tomorrow with Tracey and then try to go for a longer one later on in the week. Very impressed with Tracey's cycle today - you will manage the Ventoux no problem!!!!

don't worry, be happy :)
Do you know why there are so many wind farms in the Lammermuirs? Cos its so bloody windy!!!!
"buffeted" is the word of the day! As I started my cycle today a woman in all the right gear passed me, off she went dancing on the pedals up the hill, so I thought I'd give it a go. Stood up, "danced" for a couple of turns of the pedal, then wobbled and fell off! Went from Longformacus up towards Gifford. It was really hard, the wind was right in my face and the hills were relentless. I was wearing my bright yellow cycling top which my neighbour gave me, I'm sure he wouldnt mind me saying he is a larger gentleman, and the top is way too big, so it just fills out with wind and acts like a huge parachute. The noise it makes flapping around is amazing. At the top of the 2nd hill ( and when I say hill, I really mean HILL) there are fab views over to north Berwick and the forth. I stopped there for a quick banana and bagel snack, and was faced with a choice. A longer route back, mostly downhill and fairly easy, or go back the way I came and tackle the hills again. I chose the harder route!! It had taken me an hour and a half to go the 8 miles there, but only 45 mins on the way back!! What a difference the wind makes, it was so quiet on the way back without the wind buffeting me and rushing past my ears. A good training run, and although it wasn't far, it was hard and I actually feel a little more confident about the first part of Ventoux now......still not quite so confident about the last 6 k which is the steepest bit. Only 4 weeks to go!

Yesterday's parkrun fun

Tracey you always look like you are enjoying yourself!!!!!!

I had great fun chumming Clare (lady in dark blue t-shirt) to finish her first parkrun. Volunteering was great fun.

Happy days......................

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Janey's running rambings

I was the tail runner at Parkrun today, and I really enjoyed myself. It was much harder work than I thought it would be. The lady at the back that I ran with was called Clare and she ran really well. It was lovely to meet her. We did have a bit of a giggle when we heard over the radio that there was "two horses on the race track" we were at Cramond and couldn't imagine where the horses had come from! Apparently they were there, they had come off the beach. We had a bucket for fundraising at the finish line which Tracey dutifully thanked everyone for donating. Gary, the race director, is holding onto it and keeping it for next week. So hopefully the parkrunners should help us raise loads of dosh!

Then my day just got more exciting. We headed off to Ingliston to the Motorbike show. This was another thing that Alistair missed last year because of his illness so off we went to catch it this year. And well all I can say Tracey is do you think there is any restrictions on the type of bike you can use for the triathlon - cos I've got a few choices.......

So which one should I pick? Transition would be fun on one of these - it would only take about 10 mins to do  twelve miles. 

Having a bit of a restful running week. Not going to do a long run tomorrow, single figures tomorrow I think.

don't worry, be happy :)

5k run this morning , wee snooze then a 30 length swim in the afternoon, all completed today! Jane and I were off to the parkrun again this morning to shake our bucket. I ran, and Jane volunteered which meant for the first time ever I beat her. This is slightly unfair as she was the back runner! No PB today, but a respectable time of 33.23, which is only a few seconds slower than last time and the second half was running into the wind.
Poor old Pedro the Pool boy! I have been blaming him for lulling me into a false sense of achievement with my swimming when it's really been me! I have been doing the equivalent of the old men and women I see in the morning who stand at the end of the pool have a chat, swim/ walk to the other end have another chat, then boast to their friend they have been for a swim. I haven't really been pushing it since I was introduced to Pedro. But today I thought I'd better do 30 lengths and time myself. I used Pedro, as I'm still not able to do loads of lengths without him, and luckily the pool was quiet enough for me to just go at my own pace, without stopping, and I completed it in 20 mins. No improvement in time, but its the first time I've managed the distance. Actually I lost count again so I either did 30, 32 or possible even 34! Now ..if only I could do that without Pedro!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Janey's swimming stories

well today was interesting!

I got myself down to the pool early and did my 750m in 18.44 again so I am getting faster and stronger. Still swimming like an auld wummin though with my head out of the water - although it is more in the water than out of it. The high school kids came in whilst I was swimming my third set of ten. The water turned into a broiling mass (do you like that?) and I felt a bit sea sick. The waves were huge as the kids sploshed up and down the pool - not a lot of swimming going on there!

Then I had to go down to the dentist. 2 x-rays, a clean and a filling later I left the dentist £28 lighter with a numb face. It took to 2 o'clock in the afternoon before my face had melted enough to eat my lunch.

I had to drive Andrew into the town to the Uni library and when I came back I hopped on my turbo trainer and popped Hawaii 50 on the telly, one hour with Steve and Dano - perfect! I do know that at some point I will have to take my bike outside but how will I take the tv with me????  Still one hour later, several baddies shot and many fabulous shots of surfers I wobbled off my bike and then sat down.

My face is still sore, it was one of those blocks that the dentist does at the back of your mouth when the tooth is huge and is away at the back.

Rhona made a fabulous white chocolate and strawberry cake so we had a bit after our dinner and now we all feel fat.

Going to parkrun tomorrow, the race director, Gary has said that we can put a bucket at the start and finish of the run to try and get some donations for twotacklethree. Yeah the Parkrunners!

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Forgot to do my post yesterday, but I did run, honest! Went out at lunchtime at work with the intention of focussing on my to do list in the afternoon, but just faffed about all day doing piddley wee things and being interrupted a lot. I did achieve one thing though....I completed writing out my to do list, so I crossed that off! Should also have written Do 5 and a bit k run, and crossed that off too!
Today I swam in the morning, did about 30 idea how many lengths, but tried to sort my legs out, not sure if I'm progressing much, but think it might be improving just a tad. Then spent the rest of the day in boring meetings!
Doing the parkrun again on Saturday whilst Jane volunteers and we try to get some cash! Don't think there'll be a PB this week.

Janey's running ramblings

A completely uneventful 6 mile run. 3 miles out along the big long road and 3 miles back. It rained on the way out and rained on the way back! The only slightly eventful thing was the laugh I had on the way out. There was a van trundling up and down the road with a trailer on the back that looked like it was measuring the road or something. The first time they past we ignored each other and then after the ninth time of passing me (they really were just driving up and down the road) we all laughed because I am not sure which of us looked dafter - me running up the road in the rain or them driving up and down trying really hard not to look stupid passing me nine times.

Other than that very uneventful.  Good run though.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Some fabulous photos of Tracey at Parkrun!!!

See how fast she runs.....................

See how happy she looks too.....................

My pictures were horrible so there is no link to them!!!!!

don't worry, be happy :)

Janey's running ramblings

I had on my plan to go for 6 miles today, however, Alistair's factor 9 delivery was a bit later and my friend was coming for a cup of tea and a blether at 2.30pm so I kept my run until 5pm today.

I was a bit frazzled today because I had to do my micro teaching session for my PDA course. We only had ten minutes to teach the class (of my colleagues) something new. It didn't have to be related to work so I made my life easy and blethered on about my role as a JogScotland Leader (wore my t-shirt for effect) and then made them all do some chair exercises to get active. When I got home I had to sort out Alistair's delivery as it all has to go in the fridge - it takes ages but it is a real reminder of how he still has his own challenge on his hands. Much more challenging than anything I am doing this year!

All of this needs to go in the fridge!!!!!!!

Once my friend went home I decided I would go out for my run - as I decided to go out what happened - yep the snow came on. Snow and sun - only in Scotland!!!!! I ended up running 3 miles which was better than the none I was trying to talk myself into :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Tracey and I went for our usual 5k run along the Cramond foreshore. It was nice a sunny and not at all windy - at last!!! I found it quite tough running on tired legs, however, they do feel much better now so DOMS avoided!

Work was a bit hassly today so it was nice to get out at lunchtime. Tracey is good company and we do put the world to rights in such a short time. Good run - got a cheeky wee bottle of wine tonight - so going to have a bath and a glass of wine to relax after my busy weekend racing. Rest day tomorrow.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Janey's racing ramblings

Meadows Half Marathon.

Thanks to HappyG(rr) on Fetch I found myself running in his place (he is injured) at the Meadows Half Marathon. My schedule for the week had me running a 12 mile run so a half marathon just fitted fine and I am getting fed up of running in and out of Penicuik (big hills galore). Woke up this morning, opened the curtains and what did I see - SNOW!!! You are having a laugh I thought to myself. Yesterday at Cramond it was like spring had sprung and today we were plunged back into winter. Time to get all the warm clothes out again. My race plan was just to get around. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the lap element to this race as I do get a bit bored running around our local park. Still, postivity was the name of the game and off I went.

We were all huddled in Potterrow (Students Union - Edinburgh Uni) as it was nice and warm in there and very cold outside. But then a nice wee student told us all to go outside for our warm up. Warm enough in here I thought but off I went with the others. We walked down Middle Meadow Walk (I think it is called) to do our warm up. This nice lady next to me asked where the start line was and someone said that it was back up the hill we had just come down - blinkin heck!!! So up the hill we went again to the start line.

As I was getting near the end of my first lap I heard lots of cheering and there was Tracey! A one woman support team. It was so nice to see her there. I settled into my laps, with Tracey popping up all over the place. At lap 4 the skies got dark and the snow started and within two minutes there was a freezing cold blizzard - not nice! But in true Edinburgh style the snow stopped and the sun came out again!!! But, where had Tracey gone?? I thought that she might have bailed when it snowed and I wouldn't have blamed her it was freezing. But, no, mad Tracey had only gone and cycled up Arthur's Seat in that blizzard, good training for the Ventoux :)

It was great to know that I was on my last lap and strangely enough I did enjoy it. What was a bit weird was the fact that I didn't really focus on the distance in miles but laps. There was only 7 laps to complete the distance and it did lull you into a false sense of security thinking there was only 7 miles or something. At least that is what it felt like. My legs did tell a different story.

Anyway, end of race - 2 hours and 14 mins. Great run.

Thanks to Tracey for her unending support and raisins today and to Gavin for letting me take his place - hope I did you justice.  Cheers

don't worry, be happy :)
I'm so impressed with Jane. She only decided to do the half marathon last week, and has just completed it. Imagine having the level of fitness where you can just pop out a half marathon with no extra training!!!
I had a super long lie this morning and the thought of going cycling in the hills when the weather forecast was for cold, windy conditions, maybe even snow, was just too much. So I decided to go and support Jane at the Meadows instead. I did cycle though, and went round Arthurs Seat too, so not a wasted day. The worst bit was when I was speeding downhill and the hail stones started. I was cycling with one hand over my face it was so stingy, and so hard it was making by bike bell ring! I was pitying Jane running in it. Next time I saw her she was still smiling...she must actually enjoy it!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another PB...It's like I'm a proper my head anyway. 33.15 for the park run this morning, and that's including a long chat with a fellow runner about holidays. Then I remembered it was supposed to be a race, so started running faster...and that was at 4 k, the time I' m usually tiring and going into survival shuffle. Didn't see Jane from the start line to the finish as she is now so super fast, and she's just going to do a half marathon tomorrow!! Unbelievable! It was good to see Fiona today as well, I don't know how I managed to convince her to do it, but she is now intending to do it next week too!
Went for a swim later, which is soooooooo frustrating! Pedro ( the pool boy) has lulled me into a false sense of being able to swim. I read Janes blog about her 18 min swim and I am so impressed. I am no where near being able to even complete 30 lengths of crawl yet, let alone do it within 20 mins. More training required, I think!!

Janey's running ramblings

Headed off to Edinburgh parkrun this morning bright and early! I was feeling quite good so was hoping for a good run. Tracey met me at the car park and her pal Fiona came along for the fun. I felt really good throughout the race and when I got to 4K which is the point at which I usually cave and slow down I decided to try and pick up the pace for a change. I felt really good! And was rewarded with a PBeeeeeeee!!!! 28mins and 53 sec. This is my fastest 5K ever (in 26 years!). Tracey ran another Pb also - she is just getting faster and faster but I am sure she will fill you in on her race in her own race download!

Tomorrow brings the Meadows Half Marathon but no PB's there - I am just going to get around. Will be interesting because it is a loop of 1.26 mile which means 8 times around. Got my place from HappyG on Fetch, who is injured, so I will do my best and get around in one piece!

Good day! :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Janey's swimming stories

 Brick Session today. Swim - 750m - 18mins !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turbo trainer 1 hour.

Swim was interesting! pool was cut down again to 20m because of the wee tiny tots learning to swim. There were loads of people swimming up and down but I managed to squeeze in a wee space for my lengths. Then they put up a rope over two lanes and the high school kids came in. We were all squished into a wee tiny space. The oldies however got fed up with the "youth" all making a noise and lots of splashing - despite the poor PE teacher blowing his whistle like mad!! Kids were all ignoring him - "I didnae hear yeh sur" were their cries! The oldies all left and then I got virtually the whole place to myself (at least what was left of the pool for the public. Still very pleased with myself - I chuntered up and down at a nice even pace and managed to do 18 minutes. A one off I am sure but it felt good.

Then I came back and jumped on the turbo trainer. I decided that I would sit on the trainer for an hour! How boring that was!! Not even Steve and Dano (Hawaii 50) could make it any less boring - although they did help! (wink wink).

Now I am eating my lunch and I don't know what is the most wobbly - my arms or my legs?? Good session though. Feeling good.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Swimming this morning. Am trying to wean myself off Pedro the Pool Boy, so attempted a few lengths without him. With his help I'm like a sleek eel, cutting through the water, gracefully and with ease, without him I'm like an octopus having some sort of seizure, all arms and legs flailing around, swallowing half the pool and making some very strange noises whilst trying to get enough air into my lungs....I'm sure it'll get better soon??? No where near my target of 30 lengths in 20 mins though, maybe 20 lengths in 30 is more realistic!

Janey's running ramblings

1 March and it is a lovely day! The sun was shining and it was actually quite warm. Even got my legs out again and rolled my sleeves up. Nice to feel the sun again. The daffodils had all opened up, beautiful. Almost spring,well we'll see.

My day started with Alistair and I having to get my car started. Because Ali still can't do anything strenuous he had the pleasure of sitting in the car watching me trying to push the car. By the time we got it started my quads were screaming at me and my arms were all wobbly! So this definitely goes down as cross training.

I ran 6 miles and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it felt. Must be getting stronger. Triathlon training tomorrow morning - Swim/Bike brick.

Parkrun on Saturday and the Meadows half marathon on Sunday. I must be mad :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Glad you got some things crossed off your list Tracey - maybe you'll not be so grumpy now :) (only joking!!!!!)