The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Went for our weekly run at Cramond. The day could not have been more different from our triumphant parkrun on Saturday. Where Saturday had been really cold,windy, a bit misty and really slippy today was sunny, calm and quite warm. Tracey was running well, me I had really stiff legs after yesterday's longer run. But still feeling good. Nice run :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Like Tracey, I headed out early this morning to put in my 8 miles. It was cold, but not as cold as yesterday, at least the pavements weren't as slippy. I got into my stride after about 10 mins, and then settled into my run. I like when I start to be able to run further with less effort as it gives me time to ponder life. I started thinking about what I was trying to achieve with all these challenges. This is my 26th year of running and I have been through the trying to get my times down, trying to run further, trying different distances and now I think I am at the stage where I just want to be able to finish. So whilst spending time with my thoughts I came to the conclusion that this year's challenges are about stamina not speed. When people ask how I can be bothered running long distances I can only answer that it is because it is the only time in this fast paced life when you truly get time to yourself away from decision making, rushing around, family life etc. You really get peace to just be with your own thoughts. I think this is why the Ultra distances are starting to appeal to me because the thought of a whole day of unadulterated peace just sounds perfect.

So back to my run, I was running along nicely, had hit that Zen like state where my body was just doing its thing and my mind was putting the world to rights and then I came to Glencorse Church where I had to fight with churchgoers and their cars to find a path through. I stopped my watch as my run was interrupted at this point - and yep you guessed it - forgot to switch it back on. I noticed about half a mile up the road (a guess) and switched it back on.

To bring myself back to reality I had a wee chat to some sheep and then headed back to the main road. In the end I think I ran about 8 and a half miles. I am now well and truly puggled. Nice running :)

don't worry, be happy :)
Went for a swim last night, and thought I'd just take it easy after my success at the Park Run, but actually started swimming quite well ( for me!). Considering I couldn't even do 1 length a couple of weeks ago, I am starting to feel a bit stronger. There was only one lane open so it was a bit busy and one grumpy old lady said I was being 'dangerous' when I tried to over take her....I was just delighted I could over take her!!!
Off for a cycle this morning, and started off at a balmy 2 degrees when I unpacked my car at Rosewell, however as soon as I got up in the hills it went way below that, everything was frozen, toes, fingers, nose, ears and puddles, even the reservoir was frozen! No surprise then that Dr Dastardly De Motivate was providing me with a well thought out plan. Just do the shorter route (13 miles) but try to go a bit faster. I thought that was a good plan, after all I need to build up my strength, and whats 4 miles in the great scheme of things? I did try to go faster and stronger and just at the top of the hill where the road either loops round the reservoir, or cuts off to the shorter route, Dr D was distracted by some sheep and Sir Suggleton and I veered off round the longer route! Each time I got to the top of a hill without having to granny my gears I gave myself a wee cheer!
I will really need to invest in one of these high tech gadgets which tells you how far and for how long as the 17 (ish) miles took 1 hr 45. I think I must have been underestimating my times on previous rides as I ( and good old Smuggelton) am convinced that I was faster and stronger than last week!!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Headed off to parkrun this morning after having to scrape the car window - temp -3. This is going to be a slippy one I thought. Met Tracey in the car park at Cramond, and yep it was absolutely freezing and very slippy. My plan had been to try and get under 30 mins and I was feeling quite confident. We started running taking it easy on the frost, two seconds into the run and I dropped my parkrun bar code. I stopped to pick it up but everyone kept standing on it and jumping over it, Tracey and Scotty (Fetch) disappeared off into the distance and I found myself at the back! "Great" I thought to myself now I am miles behind. So I picked up my card and took off trying to catch Tracey. I spotted someone in the distance who was dressed just like Tracey and thought I could see Scotty. I just could not catch up with either of them, but I kept pushing my aim to not be last - I didn't dare look behind because at the start I was last but for the back runner. I lost sight of Tracey and at that point decided to just keep pushing and try to save my run as best as I could. It was really slippy so I was tiptoeing along at some points. I tired as usual at around 4k (I am sure there is a wee hill there). I didn't look at my watch as I was convinced I had taken about 37 mins to run it - but as i got nearer the finish line I decided to put my foot down as I was feeling good. As I crossed the line I switched off my watch and took a tentative look at the time - 30:35 Who hoo!!!!!!!! Not a PB but best time of the year. (official park run time was 30:37). But where was Tracey, obviously it wasn't Tracey I had been hunting down, but thanks to whoever it was cos I ran fast trying to catch you! As I was waiting in the queue to get my time recorded Tracey appeared running with style towards the finish line - she clearly had worked hard also and had got an amazing time. Tracey got a PBeee 34 mins. So despite me thinking I had a rotten run my panic got me to 30 mins (sub 30 next time!!!!). And well done Tracey a pretty neat PB!

Went for a nice walk in the afternoon to finish the day off. This was a good day.

don't worry, be happy :)

Park run no. 2,

Up way too early for a Saturday and went off to the Park Run. Why is it that these runs only happen when the temperature is below freezing? Off we went a slip sliding along the shore and I felt a bit stronger than the last one. Still struggled a bit between 3 and a half and4 k, but completed in 34.17, nearly a minute and a half faster than last time. Well pleased, keep this up and I'll soon be finished before I start!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Janey's swimming stories

Went for my swim today and when I got to the pool realised I had forgotten my inhaler! So decided to just give it a go and start out slowly and steadily and actually once I got into a rhythm and concentrated on my breathing it was okay. However, I was swimming slower but managed my 30 lengths and actually felt okay at the end of it (the slowness was not all down to me but a gaggle of teenagers! I had to keep swimming around them and then there was the two wee girls who were diving for their goggles - which they kept chucking up into the air and sinking into the pool.). Much better swim than I had last week though.

Parkrun tomorrow.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Out bright and early to swim before work, and got myself organised to get a swim membership at the pool, this is to ensure I stick with 2 days swim per week! Completed 30 lengths of front crawl in just over 20 mins, so think I must be improving, as a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even do one! Also really need to get some new goggles, the old ones get so steamed up I cant see a thing and end up all over the lane, much to other swimmers annoyance.
Things are looking up since yesterday, central heating now working and no cat related incidents in the kitchen!

Janey's running ramblings

I had a great run today - 3 miles in the rain and sunshine which the scientists out there among you will know creates a wonderful rainbow. So for the rest of my run I was singing to myself - 

"up above the streets and houses, rainbow's climbing high, everyone can see it climbing in the sky, paint the whole world with aaaaaa RAINBOW!" 

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dr D certainly had a good running chum today, what a grump I've been in all day. I could quite easily have not bothered, but as Jane said, go on, get out there, you'll feel better for it. And it worked, at least for a while! Went for a run which I reckon to be nearly 5 k. It's my "easy" week of training so no interval stuff, just good old fashioned running! Hoping to do the Park Run in 35 mins on Sat.
Day didn't get much better as I've just arrived home and found one of the cats has done a crap on the kitchen floor....nice!!! tomorrow can only get better......

Janey's biking blether

Just completed a right proper bike/run brick session. Half an hour on the turbo trainer and then a 4 mile run. It took me a good mile before my legs felt like they belonged to me. Once my legs finally came back to me I really enjoyed my run. Will need to do more of these before the triathlon. Quite enjoyed it though.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Tracey and I headed out for our Monday lunchtime run along the Cramond seafront. It was really windy, but beautifully sunny and a pure blue sky. We were both a bit puggled, me after my weekend's running and Tracey after her 17 mile bike ride (impressive!). But it was a good run and we both skipped along at a nice pace. Planning to run Parkrun on Saturday, will be good to see if either of us have got any faster.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Got myself out for 4 miles today. Was tough with 7 miles in my legs from yesterday, but that is good as it means my legs will be getting used to running tired again. Am now gradually beginning to build up my distances - next week will be 8 miles for my long run. Getting further. It was very warm and sunny today and I had far to many clothes on, hat and gloves also. Had a good run.

don't worry, be happy :)
Out for a lovely cycle this morning. I thought it was going to be really horrible and rainy and windy, but the sun was shining and although there were a few headwinds to contend with and a few gusts blowing me across the road,it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and there was me going to cop out and just cycle in the gym this morning! Total of 17 miles completed in about 1hr 45, which is only a little longer than I did my 13 miles just a couple of weeks ago. Still struggling on the hills, but hopefullly I'll start to get stronger soon. Going to need to!!!!! Wonder if it would be easier without the intake of alcohol of a Saturday evening?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Went for a good run today, despite the wind and freezing rain. Actually it always seems to stop raining during my run, which has either been extremely lucky for me or I'm running so fast I am missing the raindrops!!!
Went off down the Innocent Railway again, Dr De Motivate telling me to " just do a short one" but Sir Smuggleton arguing that this is the only day I have proper time to go for a decent distance, Sir Smuggleton won again! Ran to the end of the track and back, and ...get this..didn't feel I had run far enough as it had only taken me 30 mins!!! That has never happened before! So made myself do a couple of up and downy bits up some steps and down then up the steep hill a couple of times, then back to pick Eilidh up from dancing. So I ran for a total of 44 mins. Imagine my surprise when I worked out that without the up and downy extras I had actually run 5k. This can only mean one thing, it is at last getting easier!! off for a swim later, have to say not looking forward to the windy cycle tomorrow, and those dastardly friends of mine have made me out tonight, again!!

Janey's running ramblings

My weekend runs are finally getting longer. Did 7 miles today, despite lying in my cosy bed listening to the howling wind and pouring rain, I got myself out the door and struggled with the wind for the whole 7 miles. But it was a good run, it is good to feel the strength building back into my legs after doing lots of short runs over the winter.

Recorded a "Pilates for Abs" program off the TV. It focuses on building core muscle strength using pilates. Pretty sure I won't be able to move once I have given it a go, given I have no core muscle strength at the moment!!!

I am now sitting with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the TV with my feet up, a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit. Bliss, well worth slogging around 7 miles in the wind. :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Janey's biking blether

Second brick session. This one was tough. I did my 750m in the pool (it was really busy with kids jumping and splashing - meant lots of swimming around and stopping - couldn't make the lane session) then I came home and jumped on the turbo trainer for 45 mins. Legs still feel quite heavy after the swim, will have to try and not kick so much. Rhona tried to teach me how to swim better and whilst I get what she was saying (and she was very patient and a good teacher) I just could not get my breathing right - I either held my breath too much or panicked and gasped for breath, I will try again on my own though - will get this licked for once! Feel quite tired after this session, got a 7 mile run tomorrow. Here's hoping it is not as windy as Carol on the BBC weather said it would be tomorrow.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Today was my "learn how to be a diabetic" training day. A whole days info etc about diabetes and what I should be doing. You will be very impressed to hear this did not interfere with my training in any way. I was up early again and off to the pool before class started. No idea how many lengths,as I just lose count, but just kept going for 30 mins, then I cycled to the venue. Probably only about 3 or 4 miles, so that doesn't really count, but it did get me thinking about the triathlon and how tough it's going to be to do all three events one after the other! Lots more training required!

Janey's running ramblings

Well as uneventful as yesterday's run was today's was much more exciting! The day started with beautiful sunshine and I went out for a nature walk with  the local primary school where I volunteer. Whilst I was out with the kids I decided that I would take myself out on a cross country run. But sods law by the time lunchtime came along the clouds had rolled in and huge flakes of snow were falling.

But undeterred I headed out with all my warm cosy clothes on. There was lots of mud (I don't do mud!) and there was lots and lots and lots of it .......

Hard core mud!

As I headed up into the estate I could see the snow coming in over the Pentlands! Although I was still running in the opposite direction.

Kept on going into the woods, and there was yet more mud and knocked down trees - real cross country obstacles! Look at me a hard core cross country runner!

As I came out of the woods the snow really came on heavy, but I kept on going! It was actually quite nice as it was really quiet, you could hear the snow hitting the ground. At one point there was hail stones and they were clattering off the path and me. Into the second part of the woods, stopped for a wee photo op!

I headed off towards the little stream and then over the bridge.

 so snowy the picture is blurry!

Now absolutely soaking from head to toe I checked my Garmin and it was showing a nice 3 miles - great time to go home! So headed down the tractor track which was absolutely soaking and very muddy. Back into Cornbank I headed the Cornbank woodland and on my way home......

Last bit of run on a nice woodland path - no mud - fantastic! I don't really do mud cos this is what happens ....

Very wet muddy socks - yuk!!!!!

I don't mind weather but on the whole I don't really do MUD, however, all that being said I had a great run, which was full of interesting surfaces, weather, views and lots of commiserating with dog walkers about the weather - even the dogs were walking with their heads and tails trailing. Great 3 miles.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Couldn't / wouldn't run on Monday as I felt pretty crap, so thought I'd take the day off and run on Tues instead. Tuesday came and I still felt crap, but forced myself out at lunchtime at work.So glad I did as I felt much better afterwards, and I even managed some interval training! Maybe there's something in this running malarky after all!
I don't run with an iPod as I like to be aware of what's going on around me, so I am left running along with only my thoughts for company. This is now proving worrying as I have now named my inner voices! The annoying one who accompanies me on the way out is Dr Dastardly De Motivate. He says things like "why are you doing this?,just turn back now, no one will know, walk this bit, it'll be easier" and the one who accompanies me on the way back is Sir Smugly Smuggleton (the third). He is altogether better with comments like "I told you you could do it, you are getting faster, this is getting easier, look you've nearly finished"
So, off all three of us went today, I meant to go at lunchtime, but was too busy, so went along the shore at Granton at just after 4. This was later than I planned and it was getting dark and scary, so I only did my shorter route ( about 3.5 k) but completed it in less than 30 mins, and I felt good! I tell you, if I had a pony tail it would have been bouncing! Good old Sir Smuggleton another victory.

Janey's running ramblings

A totally non eventful running session today. 3 miles up and down hills, nice weather, quick hello to friends I passed. Felt good at the end, nice run before I have to go back to work later on today.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Had a fantastic 4 mile run along the Cramond seafront. It was very frosty and the sun was shining. There was a wierd mist sitting over the water hiding the Fife coastline. My legs were a bit heavy to start with after my 6 miler yesterday but soon loosened off just as I hit the big hill on the way back (you know the one I mean Tracey :)). Rest day tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jelly thighs!

Sundays are my cycling days, so I had asked my friend Twads if he would come out with me. His instructions were to plan a route which wasn't too long, and some hills ( but not too many) and remember I'm only in week 2 of my training! The day didn't start too well due to the excessive consumption of alcohol last night ( I blame Carol and Maurice, they have no control!) So off we went, from my house and headed up to Galdhouse reservoir....not too long...not too hilly??? instructions ignored. It was a beautiful day, but so very cold. Every time we went out of the sun the temp dropped by a few degrees. By the time we got to the reservoir it was warm enough to sit for a while, enjoy the peace and share a peanut butter and banana sandwich! But as soon as we got back on the bikes we were frozen, I don't remember ever being that cold on a bike, I couldn't feel my fingers. The way back was a struggle for me though ( Twads didn't even break sweat!) the last uphill bit from Lasswade nearly broke me! But 25 very hilly miles later, I got home to my nice warm fire and a hot cup of coffee!

Janey's running ramblings

Went for a 6 miler today. Whilst it was hard work it was really nice. The sun was shining, it was very cold and frosty and the wildlife was out in force.

Wildlife check - 2 Kestrels, 1 Buzzard, 2 squirrels, 1 field mouse, 1 horse (not technically wild) and lots and lots of sheep (oh and a flock of what I think was starlings doing that cool thing that flocks of birds do en masse). Lastly I saw a lesser spotted Eddie Stobbart Truck (well nature can't win em all) - gave the driver a wee wave and he waved back just like they say they will on the telly :)).

Was really nice to feel a bit of distance in my legs - I really am a long distance gal :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Just need to update on my swim this afternoon. I have been struggling with trying to do the crawl, as I'll be too embarrassed to do the girlie breast stroke for the triathlon, but find it really hard to regulate my breathing and it's all effort and no result. However I don't know what happened today ( must have been the fantastically effective coaching session last week, thanks Al!) but it all seemed to work! I was relaxed, could breathe at the right time, my lungs weren't bursting and I just kept going with the crawl for a full 30 mins...unlike the measly couple of lengths I had managed up until today, and even then I needed to stop at the end of each for 5 mins to get my breath back!!! Am using a pool buoy ( steady there! ) to build up the strength in my arms and this will have helped me keep in the right position, but still, I am really pleased with how it went and now actually think I may be able to complete the swim in Peebles! Hurrah! Right, now off to Carols to drink vast quantities of wine ( it's all built into the training plan)

Janey's running ramblings

Did interval training today over 3 miles. Trouble with Penicuik is most of it is uphill so it was quite hard work. Also it is amazing just how uneven the distance is between lamp posts, you would think that they are evenly placed because it looks like that when you walk past them, but, when you are sprinting and resting between two at a time you realise just how uneven the distances are. The ones going around corners in particular are further apart than the ones on a straight bit of road. Anyway, good hard session and then a nice walk at Loch Katrine and then at Loch Lomond in the afternoon.

Longer run tomorrow :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Almost a proper run!

Went out while Eilidh was at dance class so had 45 mins to run as far and as fast as I could! To be honest I have no idea how far I ran, but went out along the Innocent Railway. A first I was trying to run at a proper run, rather than the slow shuffle I normally manage, and was breezing along, thinking " this training must be working, I'm feeling quite good" Wasn't till I turned back that I realised it had been downhill! Damn! Still managed about half the distance at a proper running pace, but on the way uphill had to slow. ended up doing 34 mins, off to do a swim soon, after a wee spot of lunch and a nice cup of coffee! I 'm sure that's how the tri is organised.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Janey's biking blether

Had my first brick session today and I am absolutely knackered! I swam 880m in 22 mins and then whizzed home to jump on my sparkly white bike for a 45 min session on the turbo trainer. What have we let ourselves in for Tracey????? I think I will be fine if I have transition times of around 15 mins with a wee sit down and a bit of cake (to quote Sarah Millican).

Anyway, the swim was okay, I was getting tired towards the end mainly because I had to keep swimming round two ladies who swam their length in about 10 mins and kept stopping in the middle to have a wee blether. They were so funny, they had swim caps on which had wee fluffy flowers on them - you know the old fashioned kind!! LOL. 

Got home and put Outnumbered on the tv, climbed on my bike and watched two episodes as I cycled, sure helps with the monotony of cycling in the one place for 45 mins. Ben and Karen are so funny :) My legs were quite tired at the beginning of my cycle but I got into a decent enough rhythm eventually, not the fastest ever but I never find a brick session very fast at the beginning. Once I got off the bike my legs were dead wobbly, will need to practice bike to run also.

Anyway, sitting down now with a cup of tea and Friends on the tv. Bliss (sitting down that is). :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A couple of sessions....

Wednesdays are my "floating day" on my training schedule, which basically means run if you can, but if you cant, dont beat yourself up about it! So, knowing I had a long day at work I didn't think I'd be able to fit one in. Luckily one of my students cancelled their visit, so off I went first thing. I'm not good at running in the mornings, too sleepy, cant focus until after coffee, but managed to do about 3.5k, but also fitted in some interval training for the first time. did 4 x "sprints" and then tried to pick up the pace for the second half of the run. Did it in about 31mins
Thursday is my swimming day, so got up early (that wasn't easy!) and was in the pool by 8am and just swam for half an hour. I have no idea how many lengths that is, as it was too early to count!
Thus endeth the first week of my schedule, and it all starts again on Saturday! Day off tomorrow, and a celebratory beer!
Jane and I have both officially signed up for the Peebles Tri on 10th turning back now!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

It was a funny old training session today. I went out for a 3 mile run around Penicuik. I usually write in my training diary what the weather is like but today well all I can say is "grey". Even the green grass had a grey hew (is that how you spell it?) to it. The sky is grey, the hills are covered in grey clouds and the road is grey, there is no warm colours at all. Maybe it is just how I am feeling today. Who knows....

Well enough of this rambling, another 3 miles in the bag.

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings


What have I done? My entry for the Speyside Way Race is officially in the post! No turning back now.

37 miles is a really long way ..............


don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

We went for a short 2 miler today along the sea front at Cramond.  Both of us had stiff legs after our weekend of racing and training and those hills were just that bit steeper today. However, the sun was shining and it was a nice run out of the college at lunchtime.

The seat at lunch was the best bit!

don't worry, be happy :)

Late edition - just got in from my second 2 mile run of the day - training schedule had 4 miles on it so thought I'd better go out again. Oh did I feel that fourth mile!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

First cycle completed, first fly swallowed

Planned a short cycle for my first outing of the year, and wanting to take it easy after yesterdays run and swim ( did about 45 mins focussing on technique as I'm rubbish!)Started at Rosewell, out to Gladsmuir and back in a loop, planned a 12 miler, but due to not paying attention to the shortcut ended up doing just over 13. It took about an hour and a half, but that's including a 10 min push through ankle deep mud on a route marked on the map as suitable for cycling, but turned out to be a bit more off road than my wee skinny road tyres could cope with!it was a good hilly route though, which is what I need to prepare me for Ventoux. Thanks to Al for suggesting the route, however I was cursing him quite a lot of the way up every hill! I started off into the wind and uphill, my thighs were burning and I was asking myself " why? ". However once I got into the rhythm I remembered why I like cycling, just me out on the road, talking to sheep, and best of all, once I get to the top of a hill thinking I'm about to die, I can take a rest and still keep moving....for every up hill there's a fab down hill...woo hoo!

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Have just thawed out enough to type this, man it was cold! Today was the first proper race, and day 1 of the official training. Was aiming for 40 mins in the Great Frozen Run, and completed in 36.40, so am well chuffed! Couldn't have done it without Team TJ, who stoically braved the cold to cheer me on on the decent of the hill! Thanks to Eilidh, Allister, Carol, Maurice, Kirsten and helped me overtake someone..that's never happened before!
Then, just as I reached the last 400m there was Jane and Rhona waving cheerily to witness my "sprint finish". I actually enjoyed it, but only after it was finished!!

Janey's running ramblings

Great Winter Run - Edinburgh

Home from Great Winter Run. What a beautiful day it ended up. Woke up to the sound of howling winds again and said to Alistair - "Carol on the telly told me that it wasn't going to be cold or windy - she lied!!!!". Must remember to email my complaint to the BBC. LOL :-)

When I got to the park it was freezing but the sun was getting up and it was very busy. Met with Tracey and we headed into the baggage tent. Met Ellem and a few folks that Tracey knew. Hid in the baggage tent until everyone else started to pile out. Actually took part in the daft warm-up at the beginning (I am so kackhanded when it comes to aerobics - there is a reason I run :-)) But out of necessity I was there waving my hands in a different direction from everyone else just to keep warm.

Finally Liz McGolgan got us all running and we headed off up the hill. The wind wasn't too bad on the way up the hill, I do actually believe it might have been behind us for once. Hit the wall of sound at about 2km and enjoyed the feeling of the hill levelling off at Dunsapie Loch. The views as always were absolutely stunning around the back of the hill but then the wind hit at the sting in the tail just before the big downhill. It was at this point I began to struggle a little bit. Once I got past that point and headed downhill I had a blast. Waved at Tracey's daughter Eilidh and Eilidh's Dad, on the way down and headed back down Queens Drive which is a fantastic downhill stretch. However, the final killer is the ever so slight incline in the last 400 metres. You can see the finish flag but it never seems to get any closer. "sprint finish" I heard the commentator shout to us all - you have got to be kidding this is me sprint finishing!!!! :-) Passed Rhona in the finishing straight there as always as my support crew! Thanks for coming once again and standing in the cold Rhona many teenagers would have opted to stay in their bed - means a lot to me.

But finally I got over that line in 32 mins and 23 secs. I was aiming for 31 mins but just couldn't get it with the wind the way it was. Still happy with my time and definitely got something to work with for the rest of the year.

Most important I was very proud of Tracey. She only started running in October following a diagnoses of Diabetes and she has really trained hard and has managed to tackle Arthur's Seat as her first proper RACE!! Very proud of her. I don't know her time yet but my bet is 36 mins!! Tracey reckons slower but I am putting my money on 36 minutes.

Great Race -

don't worry, be happy :-)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Just been out for a short 2 miler to keep the legs going for tomorrow's run up the big hill :-) 
And shock horror!!! I have a cycling injury - I woke up this morning with a huge bruise on the side of - wait for it - my hand???? Stupidly when I was on the bike trainer because I was inside I didn't put my cycling gloves on - now I know they are not just to keep your hands warm :-):-):-) Too skinny hands - wish I had that problem elsewhere :-):-):-)
don't worry, be happy :-)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Janey's biking blether

It was so windy and freezing cold outside (although very sunny) that I decided to drag the bike trainer from the loft (mechanical doo dah not some poor Mark Cavendish lookalike) and set it up in the conservatory.  Attached my lovely sparkly white road bike to it (only go out in sunshine - no likey rain) and put the telly on.

 fuzzy picture of bike and Lewis on the TV

45 mins later and a solved murder (Lewis) and I was puggled. It is amazing how much harder work the bike trainer is than just being out on the road for 45 mins. Anyway, job done. Won't record miles on bike yet until the weather warms up but will keep trying to up the time I am on the trainer.

Anyway, Great Winter Run on Saturday so will go for a short amble tomorrow to keep legs ticking over. Looks the like the weather forecast is okay for Saturday so here's hoping.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Decided to go out for a bit of a time trial today. I have a two mile (fairly flat, well it is Penicuik) route which is an out and back. The last time I did this TT my times were around 10 and a half minutes for the first mile and 11and a half for the second. This time, admittedly wind assisted, I was 8min 40secs (????) for the first mile and 10mins 15 secs for the second mile. I have spent a lot of time this year running away from my problems and not really timing myself, but who hoo, look at the side effects - am I fast or what? (don't think I have ever run a sub 9 min mile - even if it was wind assisted).

Sitting here typing and feeling quite smug - Arthur's Seat will soon sort that smugness out - LOL.

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thwarted by a tree!

Decided to go for an easy run today in preparation for The Big One on Saturday, so ran along (out of the worst of the wind) the Hermatige, was just settling into a nice pace when I had to turn back. A tree hadn't just fallen, it had slithered down the embankment then fallen over the burn ( that does say b...u...r..n, not bum!) and the path, closing the path completely. So there was no choice, I had to turn back!! I did force myself half way up the Big Buggery Hill on the way back, but probably only did about 3 and a half k? I think the pros call that 'tapering' or I might have just made that up. Got home just as the rain started, phew.
Off up north for a couple of days with Eilidh, photographing wildlife ( if any are stupid enough to be out in this weather) so next post will be after the race!
After that I start my super duper semi pro training plan!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Janey's running ramblings

First run of the new year and it was hard work! It was really windy but a beautiful day.

I started out at St Monan's, East Neuk of Fife.

 Windmill, St Monans

Then I ran along the coastal path towards Pittenweem.

Beach at Pittenweem

I was skipping along thinking I was the fastest runner ever then it dawned on me that I was getting pushed along by the wind - oh oh - hard work on the way back.

Once I got to the headland at Pittenweem I dropped down into the Pittenweem beach area. It was lovely as it was out of the wind and quite sunny. Passed loads of people and we shared "happy new years". Ran along the beach for a bit and then around into the harbour, it was really pretty.

Then I had to give in and turn around and blimey it was windy. At one point on the way back I was not actually running as it felt like I was leaning on mid air and if someone had stopped the wind I am sure I would have fallen over. It was such hard work but the sun was shining and I was actually having fun.

Bit of a dodgy picture but look at how windy it is!!!!

Finally having struggled my way along the coastal path I stopped at the St Monan's open air swimming pool to look at the view and have a rest before I had to head up the stairs back to my Mother-in-laws house. Brilliant 3 and a half mile run if hard work.

Anyone for a swim???

Finally, my Grandma died on Hogmanay, aged 94, she was a strong character who had a real will to live, she had a strong heart. I hope I can have some of her strength through this challenge to raise as much money as I can to say thank you to the Haemophilia Centre. Rest in peace Grandma. Love Jane. x