The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Monday, 13 June 2016

Tracey's Triathlon Tales

Another "wee" triathlon  completed as part of my prep for the Big Ones. Just a cheeky wee Sprint Triathlon in Peebles. This event was my first ever tri so it was nice to go back and have another go....or so I thought! After a rather late night playing with the Edinburgh Concert Band  in our summer Concert,  followed by *ahem* just the "one" pint! I got up at 6 am to get my stuff together then head down. If was pouring when I got there ensuring my gear in transition got totally soaked and it didnt stop till I'd finished the cycle and the run. My feet were proper squelching!  But....I did it....a wee bit slow  (no surprise ) but after a strong coffee and a wee afternoon nap. ....all was well! Just need to do it all again next weekend for the first  open water tri of the year.......noooooooooo!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moonwalk Scotland

Moonwalk Scotland - 11 June to 12 June 2016

On the evening of the 11 June Rhona and I headed into Edinburgh to take part in my second challenge, The Moonwalk Scotland. The Full Moon. We got there around 8.30pm and headed into the Moonwalk Village. The excitement was building, it had a real carnival atmosphere. First we were met by a drum band. Really got the atmosphere going.

Once we were in the huge Moonwalk tent we exchanged our food token for a yummy tray of pasta and a piece of flapjack. Took this photo of Rhona, who said that her face is a mixture of exhaustion and fear! Often the look of a rookie marathoner!

Shortly after we got our pasta a celidh fusion band called "Bahookie" took to the stage and began to entertain us. Some of the fused songs were a bit dodgy but it was loud, cheerful and gave us all something to focus on other than the 26.2 miles ahead.

We nipped outside before it would start to get dark and braved the cold to get our photo taken in our bra! It wasn't warm I can tell you! But it was great fun to be part of the tartan revolution! 

 Rhona looking slightly more                                                                                                               chirpy than she did at the end!

Before we knew where we were the sky began to darken and the time to start walking came that bit closer. I would love to say that this photograph was a real lucky chance that the moon came out over Holyrood Palace but it wasn't, there was a huge moon tethered to the ground. Made for a great photograph though!

Back inside we took a quick selfie, as you can see our faces show just how tired we were becoming. By this point it was around 10.30pm. The tent was really filling up by this point. It was a real inspirational place, there were participants who were very young taking part in the New Moon (6 miles) to the Half Moon (13.1 miles), the Full Moon (26.2 miles) and the Over the Moon (52 miles). There were women and men of all shapes, sizes and ages. It was marvellous that all (including the men) wore their decorated bras (the trademark of the Moonwalk) regardless of their shape or size. It was a celebration of our breasts!  And how much we want to come together to find a cure for breast cancer.

Outside it was starting to get quite dark, the moon was looking stunning over the start line. The excitement was starting to build as were the queues for the toilets!

After a fun warm up with the legendary "Roy" (no idea who Roy was never mind why he was legendary!) a lone piper came on and played "500 miles" by the Proclaimers. Our cue to head outside to the start line. Took this fabby photo of Rhona in her decorated bra before a wee old woman came along and started to dress her because "you are going to be freezing without a coat dear". Hee hee.

What followed was the toughest 26.2 miles I think I have ever covered! Walking is tougher than running in my opinion! No idea why it just is. The toughest bit for me was the walk at around 1.30am in the morning through Ravelston and Cramond where it was dark, quiet and it felt really long. We did have two very funny moments though. At one point around Ravelston there was a lovely wee old drunk man, singing and eating chips standing beside the marshalls, they were so sweet to him and just let him sing. The second moment was in Cramond where a group of four guys were walking along slightly drunk. Two of them were in front of the others with two a little further behind. One guy tripped up and landed flat on his face, he hopped up and said to his pal "thank goodness the guys didn't see that", his pal laughed and said "no but the whole of the Moonwalk did!" one very red faced young man skulked off with his friend killing himself laughing. 

The walk down to Silverknowes was very hard as it was very dark and it felt like it went on forever, as we got down to the Foreshore we passed a van with two young guys in yellow vests dancing to D J Casper Cha Cha Slide. They were in time and dancing the moves perfectly, they were a very welcome relief after the darkness. They got a huge cheer as we passed. That took us down to the seafront, where it suddenly got very cold again. 

We then walked all the way along Seafield Road to Portobello onto the Prom, it was lovely as the sky had lightened and the dawn chorus was beginning. This lifted everyone's spirits. Mine too, I had found the dark bit really hard. The walk back up to the park was very tough. The last four miles skirted back and forth around Arthurs Seat. Rhona was finding it very tough from about 19 miles but she hung on in there and after a low point of a few miles she perked herself up and strode confidently to the end. She made me laugh at one point in the last 3 miles saying "we have been within half a mile of the finish three times and they keep taking us somewhere else". We got to the point where we were taking bets on where we might go next. But finally, the park was in sight and we were almost at 26 miles. Then we were there. We were finished. We had completed the Moonwalk Scotland. It was hard, but rewarding in the end. Walking through the night was definitely the hard bit for me, but we did it. And we got our medals, which a particularly blingy! Thanks for walking with me Rhona, you are a very strong young woman, I was very proud of you. 

  Two weary finishers!

That is most definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done, and I am really proud of myself. Training for Glencoe has already begun, I am on week 2 of my 16 training schedule. I am sure it will be equally difficult but at least I will be back within my comfort zone and running again!!

don't worry, be happy 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bras at the ready!

Well now. Here I am just a few hours away from the start of the Moonwalk Scotland. And after several weeks of summer, true to form, Scottish weather has returned! Although it is still warm(ish) so absolutely no idea what to wear, other than my brightly decorated bra (designed by the HNC Early Education students at Edinburgh College) and my purple kilt!

Rhona too has a bespoke design from the students, as she is swirling her kilt along with me.

This afternoon Rhona and I will have a wee snooze, carbo load, get our numbers pinned onto our kilt and then head into Moonwalk Village for the pre-race Ceilidh.

So whilst you are snoozing and snoring away in your beds think of us walking around Edinburgh in our underwear!!!

Pre and post report with Photographs on Monday (might need to sleep tomorrow).

And a big shout out to Tracey who is competing (sorry completing) in the Peebles Triathlon tomorrow morning (where all of this nonsense started with Two Tackle Three). Go Tracey.

Image result for mexican wave  There's your mexican wave!!!

don't worry, be happy .