The New Challenges

In 2012 Tracey and I embarked on a series of challenges to raise money for The Haemophilia Society. We had great fun doing it and both felt very fit. So, as we both were slogging up the Mound in the Edinburgh 10 mile run recently, we remarked on how unfit we both were compared to then!

And so Two Tackle Three was resurrected!

Two Tackle Three Take Two (AKA 2T3T2) will see us take on three new challenges each which are crazier and tougher than the first three (although Ventoux was quite tough). We will raise money for an Edinburgh Charity called The Yard. The Yard is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children and young people with disabilities.

Tracey and I have a few links with this amazing facility. One being it has close links with the Childhood Practice Team at Edinburgh College and the second being my late husband, Alistair was involved in providing the yard with their cut down working traffic light, through the BBC Children in Need project, The Big Build.

So Tracey's challenges are -

St Mary Loch Standard Distance Triathlon, Aberfeldy Half Ironman, Glencoe Half Marathon.

And Jane's are -

Windermere Half Marathon, The Moonwalk and the Glencoe Marathon.

We will also be taking part in a variety of other events in preparation for our big challenges.

Our blog will make a welcome return, so you can keep up with our training antics! So please keep up to date. We will let you know soon how you can sponsor us to raise a shed load of cash for The Yard.

Jane and Tracey (Team 2T3T2)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Didn't feel too bad about not getting out for a run at lunchtime, as not only was it horrible wet and windy outside, I was still a bit knackered after yesterday, and I had a swim planned for this evening. Jane and I's boss at work is a sporty and put me in touch with "wee Linda" who knows everything triathlon. She invited me to a training session at the Commie this evening and off I went with trepidation! I have no idea how many lengths she made us do, but there were drills and everything! Normally I just splash up and down till I get bored or tired, but twas not to be this evening. One hour of 50m lengths, I barely have the energy in my arms to type this. I have never swam, or is it swum, for an hour before. I was,of course, the slowest person there, but that didn't matter. I was in the " development" lane which I quickly sussed was code for the slow lane. It was good to get someone to see why I'm so slow, and the problem is, in my head I feel like I'm a flappy octopus, so I consciously try to calm myself down and relax. It seems I am doing this too well, as I am too relaxed and am not moving my arms fast enough! Simple, I thought, so tried to move them faster and now my arms ache!! I did have to stop, when I was trying to do my arms right and concentrating so much that I realised I hadn't kicked my legs the whole way up the length and that made me laugh, which is not a good idea in 2m of water!

Janey's running ramblings

Work got in  the way of our run at lunchtime today. Although if I am honest I wasn't really up to running in the wind and rain again and it was particularly yukky at lunchtime.

However, managed to get it together once I got home later on and took myself out for a 3 mile run. It was good to stretch my legs after yesterday's long run. Only residual problems are my toes, they always suffer after long runs. They get a bit swollen and blistery - however not too bad. So far my toenails are still intact and not black! so that's good :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

I started out in the rain today. It was quite cold and windy but it was okay and I had all my rainy gear on so felt good. Once I got up onto the top road into Edinburgh (the one that runs alongside the Pentlands) the rain came on heavier, the wind got stronger and then to top it off the rain turned into a combination of hailstones and snow. I was absolutely freezing and all I could think about (I know we said we wouldn't swear on here Tracey cos your Mum reads it so sorry Tracey's Mum for what I am about to write, it was so bad out there I need to get it off my chest!) "was how shitty this run was and what the bloody hell was I thinking trying to run yet another Marathon. You have done it four times already - who are you trying to impress." Then After twenty minutes of running into the wind and snow I spotted blue sky over the crest of the next hill. "just got to get to there" I thought to myself. Granted the wind didn't go away and it was still snowing but now I had the sun shining. Aww nice (NOT). Eventually I got to the point where at least I was running downhill into the wind, which was a bit easier on my legs. Downhill for a good couple of miles then the Steading Inn came into view and I knew the worst was over. I stopped at the Garage to get a phone voucher so that I could phone my Dad to let him know when I was nearly at their house later on. Had serious problems trying to type in the number as my hands (despite having gloves on) had frozen solid. Three goes later, and an argument with a computer generated wee man, eventually the voucher took and I could get on my way again. I also had my first taste of my new trial energy food. It is called a Mule Bar and was Summer Pudding flavour. I have gone to energy bar heaven! It was absolutely gorgeous, you would actually just have one of these with a cup of tea sitting on a sofa - a real taste explosion. So going to get more of these.

The next five miles were fairly uneventful, all the way down to the Hermitage and a nice wee doddle through the fairy glen. Then I climbed back up onto Observatory Hill and then down to the Pond at the other of the hill. Took myself over onto South Oswald Road and round all the posh houses. I must have looked a picture by that point - ten miles into the run having been hail stoned all the way from Penicuk. The cherry blossom trees in the Grange are just gorgeous and I ran along catching all the blossom as it dropped. Lovely. Then the hard work started. I ran up past Kings Buildings and then down to the bottom of Liberton Brae. Whilst it is a slog I do feel I am getting stronger and manage to get to the top these days without too much hassle. Turned off at the top of the Brae and along onto the road parallel to this (which I can't remember at the moment) this took me up to Captain's Road and ultimately to the top of the by-pass at Burdiehouse. Now the plan was that I was going to finish at my Mum and Dad's at Loanhead but ended up still five miles short of my 20 miles so had to run to Bilston anyway and then wound my way around Loanhead visiting all my old haunts from when I lived there to make up my 20 miles.

Finally, a bit puggled I got back to the house and then sat and enjoyed a cup of tea. You can keep energy drinks tea does it for me every time.

I am now sitting enjoying Harry Potter and the Philsopher's Stone with my feet up and another cup of tea. Macaroni Cheese for tea tonight - yum!

don't worry, be happy :)
Sundays are now "Transition Days" I have always thought I'd be able to manage the distances involved in the cycling and running ( there's still a question mark over the swim!) but I have also been nervous about by ability to do all three, one after the other! I got myself off to Peebles today to check out the route and to give it a go. Why is it so cold? It's was only 5 degrees today and it's nearly May! All that training I did in the winter months was done in only a few degrees less, time for it to heat up a bit, I've had enough of wearing many layers! I set off for the cycle convinced that I was cycling into the wind, but changed my mind on the way back as it was still blowing in may face, how does that work? Went a bit further than 20 k as I wasn't sure where the route turns back, but thought it best to go further rather than not. So probably ended up doing about 22-23 kms. Then a transition involving me putting the bike back on the car and faffing around a lot, then off for what I planned was to be once round the run route, but ended up being the full 5 k. The run is fine, but the stairs are plain annoying! All this took me about 1 hr 45 according to the Peebles town clock! Not too bad a start, but plenty room for improvement!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

I actually laughed out loud at the floaty plaster!!!! :) Tracey ran a blinder today! I knew she was faster, she looked stronger and was not that long behind me. Look at how fabulous she looks.....

look at how fast she is going!!!!!

I was quite happy with my time - Tracey did note that it was a PB but to be honest it was only by a few seconds not as impressive as Tracey's improvement. Still I am happy with staying at 28:48. I was running around 34 mins last year so I am very happy with my improvement. The big mileage has been worth it after all!

got to get my time right!

Working up to a long 20 mile run tomorrow. The marathon is 4 weeks tomorrow, and I might just be beginning to panic a little bit! I don't get nervous with shorter races - it takes 26 miles these days to get the butterflies flying these days! 

Oh and I had a lovely email today from the Haemophilia Society. A member of the Haemophilia Society read our article in the Evening News and asked if she could conduct a collection via her church to help support us in our fundraising. It is lovely that our story has touched someone out there. I will be in touch with her soon to find out her story and what her connection to the Haemophilia Society is.

just to prove it can be lovely down at Cramond!

don't worry, be happy :)

Jane and I did the parkrun again this morning. Another PB for Jane, but No time for me yet, the beepy machine was having problems! It felt hard, which hopefully means faster? Lovely sunny day, with just enough wind on the way out to be annoying, but nothing like what Jane and I are used to on the shore front! Not content with that, I forced myself to go for a swim....and I ean forced! I was all snoozy and cosy on the sofa, drinking coffee, when I noticed the time, pool closes early so I need to be in by 4. It would have been so easy nit to go, but go I did! Ended up doing 40 lengths! 10 breast stroke, 10 crawl, then 10 breast stroke, there was only 10 mins left so just went fr it with 10 more crawl. Tried to get into a pace, but there was a floaty plaster in the pool, yeuch!! I have an aversion to plasters anyway, but the thought of one floating around near me was enough to make me "sprint" past it every length, this didn't help my breathing at all! It's still makes me shiver thinking of it!! UPDATE; just got my time....31:31.....that's nearly 2 mins faster than last time....if I keep going like this I'll be finished before I start in only 30 races time!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Janey's biking blether!

How busy have I been today?

After a leisurely 4 hour Transition (with lunch and cake in between) I headed out for a cycle. Yes, I hear you cry Tracey, outside with real wind and hills and stuff. Headed out up the Peebles Road (the mile brae) and then turned up onto the Moor road towards Carlops and West Linton. I actually cycled all the way to the Scottish Borders! (That sounds impressive but actually was only 5 miles out of Penicuik). The sun was shining, not too windy with gorgeous views of the Pentlands. I saw two birds of prey and about a million sheep and their lambs (awww). I did get a bit bored after a while and started singing Achy Brakey Heart out load which was slightly alarming for the sheep and me (don't know where it came from).

Still managed 11 miles in around 1hour and 10mins. Not going to break any records and may well be last in the triathlon but you know what I managed it and it wasn't too bad. Now got to work on hitting the road after it and getting to the bit I really like - the RUN!!! :)

not doing any more damn exercise today - I am done! Going to have a cider in the bath tonight and relax!

don't worry, be happy :)

nothing to do with training but yummy!

Sun is shining and I am going to go out on my bike when I come back from taking Andy into the town.

don't worry, be happy :)

Janey's swimming stories

Well I managed the distance for the triathlon in 20:05:74. I am glad I dropped my time down to 22 mins because 2 weeks after the marathon I am not sure I will have the energy to pull out 20mins on the day. This way I will be at the front of my wave not at the back!

Then I went to the post office to hand in two parcels, I swear I went in 42 and came out 43! At one point I counted 20 people in the queue and one woman serving (who was having a wee chat with everyone). It really is like stepping back in time. I think I spent longer in the post office than I did in the swimming pool!

Parkrun tomorrow and shock horror I might even go outside on my bike later on. Will keep you informed.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I did try to do a post on Monday, I typed it all out then clicked publish and it wiped itself, and I was just too tired to do it again! What I said then was .......oh my god...50m lengths are soooooooo much harder than 25m! I went to the Commie after picking Eilidh up from dancing, she was spectating/coaching from the side! I couldn't even do one length of the pool without switching to breast stroke! I asked Eilidh to watch and let me know if I was straight in the water and after she said" I think I need to draw a diagram, it was really weird" my legs are going from teeny weeny kicks to great big huge flaps depending on if I am breathing or not! Don't know how many lengths I did, but stayed for about 20 mins, then got really hungry so had to get out and home for my tea! Swam again this morning, only 20 mins again as I had to be in Dunbar early for a meeting. It's quite frustrating, I'm too fast for the slow lane, by way too slow for the fast lane, so I end up waiting at the ends a lot, which isn't helping my stamina/ training much!

Janey's rainy running ramblings

After a nice morning at the Primary School and then lunch at Glentress with Ali we took a drive back to Peebles along our cycle route for the Triathlon.

It doesn't seem to bad Tracey, a couple of hills but to you they will be mere blips. I do think we will need to do a bit of a trial run though - mainly for me so that I can be sure I will make it up those wee hills. No chance to get lost though - straight out and back with trees on both sides. Easy peasy - ha :)

Then I decided to go for my run when I got back, I planned to do an 8 mile run but after 2 miles the rain started bouncing off the ground and me so decided when I came to the point that I could do either 6 or go for the extra two mile loop that 6 miles was quite enough whilst soaking wet and freezing for the third time this week. Still got my winter woollies on - I want the sun to come back.

don't worry, be happy :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Erin is joining us!

My niece Erin has decided to join in with all the fun and is going to take part in the Edinburgh to St Andrew's Bike ride that Tracey is doing. Although I do think it is because she thinks she is going to get cake at the church halls dotted along the route! Does she Tracey? I think I may have lured her into thinking that she might. If not I will have to meet her on the way to feed her with cake!

Thanks Erin for joining in, your Uncle Ali and I appreciate it very much.

don't worry, be happy :)

Two tackle three hit the News!!

The Edinburgh Marathon press people were in touch asking if they could pass our details onto The Edinburgh Evening News. By yesterday I had spoken to a journalist at the News and a photographer (really nice lady who was a Triathlete!) came to the house and had Alistair and I doing thee most ridiculous things in the park to try and get "the right" photo. It went from me running and Alistair squirting me with water to me flinging my old running shoes up into the air. Fortunately the one they settled on is fairly normal (look I am stretching Tracey!). It is a really nice article and hopefully it will encourage one or two people to sponsor us and to raise the profile of The Haemophilia Society in Scotland.

My training run has been split in two today. First session was with Tracey and was a very breezy, freezing cold slog along the Cramond Foreshore. We were both absolutely freezing and it was so windy we were unable to talk to each other - which I have to say is probably a first!

Second run consisted of a very wet, windy and freezing 7 miles to take my total up to 10 miles today. After being freezing earlier on I when I only had on a t-shirt and shorts I came home and dug out my winter gear - woolly hat, gloves, long trousers and waterproof jacket. Feeling good though - it must be our 15 seconds of fame in The Edinburgh Evening News.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Back to Cramond again and a fast run (or should I say a quick run - Tracey had a meeting at 12.30). It was really nice and sunny although the wind did pick up a bit on the way back (to say it was strong is probably an understatement!).

Was quite pleased at how good my legs were feeling after my weekend of long runs. Nice place to be at in the training. Rest day tomorrow though thank goodness!

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Fully inspired as per usual by the London Marathon (and a bit of me wishing I was there despite saying that I wouldn't do it again and that was a box ticked!). Cheered a few Fetchies on, marvelled at the speed of the lead runners and wowed by Nell McAndrew and her 2:56. After that I got my running gear on and headed out the door for today's 8 mile run.

I love it when I am so far into marathon training that 8 miles feels easy, it was a really nice run, I felt strong, and felt fairly quick. And the sun was shining! Fabulous. Although marathon running does take it's toll - look at the state of my poor tootsies!

At least my toenails are still attached to my toes - I have that delight to look forward to!!!!!!! A few more really long runs will finish them off.

I love running!!

don't worry, be happy :)
First attempt at a transition today! Had big plans, but ended up drinking coffee and watching the London Marathon on TV instead. I love watching it, but have absolutely no desire to run it...unlike mad Jane who revels in that kind of torture!  So I was still on the sofa at 1pm...not enough time to drive somewhere nice to cycle, so I just went from my house, and round Arthurs Seat and back,this included the first summitting of Liberton Brae without stopping or cheating by going up the back roads, then dumped my bike and went for wee run. I had no idea what it would be like so thought I better take it easy.  15km on the bike and 3 km running. A good start I think. legs felt OK, but my calves were really tight, not sure if thats cos I've run 6 times this week (I'm impressed even if you are not!) or if its the combination of cycling/running that did it. I have been telling myself it'll be OK as I know I can complete the distances ( well..... the swim is still debatable) but what I've not been thinking about is trying to do them one after the other. Guess what I'll be doing every weekend until May!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Was up nice and early this morning. 6.30am (!!!) to eat my porridge and a cup of tea. Then it was out the door at 7.20am to start my 18 mile run. It was a nice morning, but cold. By the time I was about 6 miles down the road the rain was bouncing off my head and it was freezing. Then I lost the signal on my Garmin which meant I had to use the old fashioned method of just knowing how far I had run from years of experience and doing a  lot of maths (not my strong point) in my head to work out times etc. I also had a bit of a technical issue with my radio - lost the signal on that too just as Graham Norton was about to come on which would have gotten me back to Penicuik. Technology was not my friend today.

I headed out towards the Braid hills and decided that I would over estimate the distance rather than get back and find out that I had not run enough. So toddled off down to the Hermitage. It was really nice as it was really early and there was hardly anyone about. By this point the rain had stopped and the sun came out. Now I know my marathon training is in full flow - first time up Liberton Brae! I reckon this year is the fittest I have been in a long time, I got myself up the Brae relatively fast and with relative ease (never that easy it is a really big hill). Once I got to Kaimes cross road I knew I only had around 10k to run so was able to settle into a nice rhythm.

Finally got back to Penicuik just as the rain came on and soaked me again. I reckon I probably ran 19 miles but had 18 on my plan today so will just call it that (did it in 3hours 25mins). As my Dad said "the key thing is was it a good 18 miles or a bad 18 miles?". Good 18 miles is the answer!!!

Spent a nice afternoon with family for my Mum's birthday and then came home for a wee sleep (which I will have once I have finished this) on the sofa. London Marathon tomorrow so will watch with fond memories.

Short run tomorrow to keep the legs turning.

don't worry be happy :)

Busy day today! Went for a 6 k ....yes you read that right, 6, along the innocent railway and round passed Holy Rood High then back to Eilidhs dance class, took about 40 mins, ish, but that includes having to wait at traffic lights, so I was pleased. That's the longest I've run for ages! Back home for some lunch then I had to taxi Eilidh back to her next class. When I got back I had 15 mins until I had to get to the pool as it now shuts at 4.40. But I started to nod off, I was so tired! Just as I was drifting off, Sir Smuggleton jumped up and said, get off your backside and into the pool. It was a struggle, but a huge victory over slovenliness!! I managed to do 32 lengths, I even managed to keep count!! As Pedro has been abandoned I did alternate crawl and breast stroke. It's so frustrating. I swear I don't move at all on the crawl despite all the flailing around! Eventually, after 20 lengths I got into some sort of rhythm...that's not much good in a 30 length race!! Think I need to try to swim 3 times a week if I want to improve at all over the remaining 7 weeks.....oh's sounding close!

Friday, 20 April 2012

It's all been a but quiet from me recently. I had a week off training, but now it's back to the grindstone. 5k ish with Jane on Monday and Wednesday, which were fairly steady, just easing myself back into it. But went to the pool yesterday morning, but poor Pedro has been dumped! I actually forgot to take him, so had no choice but to go it alone! The first couple of lengths were really hard, and I was missing Pedro immensely. Dr D was nagging on at me " you'll never make it, just give up" but I persisted, doing some crawl and some breast stroke for a breather. After 10 or so I started to feel stronger and could breathe again, so ended up doing more front crawl. It's going to be a long slog to make the 30 lengths in anything like a respectable time, but that's the challenge!! It's been interview week at work and I now have extreme interview fatigue! By this afternoon I couldn't remember what day it was, let alone what course I was interviewing for! I needed to get out for ome fresh air at lunchtime so off I went for some interval training! started off trying to push my pace a bit, gave up for a while, threw in a couple of sprinty bits, and struggled up the buggery hill at the end. Another 5 k ish done. Aiming to try out some transitions this weekend....wish me luck!!

Janey's swimming stories

Headed down to the pool for my first swim in three weeks after my sore back and cold. First set of 10 lengths was quite tough, I was finding it slow and my muscles were complaining just a bit. However, after a bit I warmed up into it again and ended up swimming 5 sets of 10 lengths - 900m in all. I didn't bother timing myself but given that I now have only about 8 weeks to the Triathlon but have the small matter of running a marathon in 6 weeks time my running will have to take precedent over the swimming - so I am going to amend my swim time to 22 mins to give myself a break. That way I will be in a slower lane and can just get on with my own thing rather than having the pressure of being chased up the pool by some super swimmer!

Felt good though, arms not sore at all really. I will, however have to invest in a new swimmy as I could feel the lycra going in the buttock area - not a good look if it goes when I am climbing out of the pool!!! :o

Long run tomorrow, going to get up at 7am to head out the door so that I am back in time for our lunch at Mum and Dad's tomorrow. Might be sleeping though after my lunch - I'll apologise in advance. 18 miles tends to do that to me. (especially if there is a glass of wine involved!).

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Just come back from an 8 mile run and despite still having slightly sore legs from Sunday's half marathon I felt really good, really strong. Looking (in a bizarre kind of way) forward to my 18 miles on Saturday morning. Had to wear my gloves and double layer tops again. What weird weather this is. I went out and it was cold, misty and raining and by the time I turned to come back to the house the sun came out and it warmed right back up again.

Am going to try and head back to the swimming pool tomorrow - got to get the swimming back up to scratch again.

don't worry, be happy :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tracey's next challenge!

This could be your next challenge .....................

Thought that would make you smile ...... :)

World Haemophilia Day 2012

Today is World Haemophilia Day. A day for us to reflect on what has happened and the help and support we received.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Well Tracey and I went back to our Monday run along the Cramond foreshore. Tracey hasn't run for a few weeks and my legs were a bit stiff after the half yesterday. The sun was shining, and the wind for once was not blowing so we had a nice natter about our adventures before heading back into work. It is so nice to get outside the building now and again.

Another 3 miles in the bag.

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Janey's racing ramblings

Rock and Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon (.

To use a word which was completely overused today - it was totally AWESOME!!!!!!

Look at the bling:

The day started with the queue at the gear check and then a bit of a wait in the porta loo queue. There is a bit of a story about how that went but I am so not putting it on the blog. Leave it with the thought that I hope the Queen wasn't looking out at three 40 year old women watering her grass! What's good enough for Paula Radcliffe is good enough for me!

I headed into the number 10 coral which was where my time put me, I was feeling quite good so I moved myself to the front of number 10 and back of number 9 and when we got moving I think I might have moved into number 9. I found myself at the back of the pace marker for 2 hours and 15mins - so thought what the heck going to sit behind that and see if I can pull off a faster time. 

Once we got going I really felt that I was running strong. I tried to keep my pace the same for every mile. We headed down to Leith Links first and then onto Seafield Road. The Forth looked fabulous and you could see all the way over to sunny Fife. We were met at the start of Portobello Prom with a very loud version of The Ace of Spades, Motorhead. (although not actually Motorhead but some local band from Edinburgh). The Prom looked great in the sunshine and it wasn't windy so no sandblasting going on. Did have a giggle to myself as two American runners were doing the old "this is awesome" and all I could think was "it's not exactly Venice Beach!"as we ran past Chaplins Disco and he was DJing in his best Musselburgh accent. We then turned up towards Portobello and back into the city centre. This section was quite hard work, the first part was all cobbles and one woman actually took a tumble, totally faceplanted the ground (ouch). Then we headed to Duddingston and into the park. Up the big hill and round to the front of Arthur's Seat. After lots of climbing we had a fantastic run down Queen's Drive and then just as you caught sight of the finish line, we had to turn back out the park and up the Cowgate (this was tough, I just tried to keep my head down). Got to the Grassmarket and had to run up Lady Lawson Street (another wee tough hill) then turned round into the Meadows. As we came out the Meadows there was a really cool Samba Band with real feathery Carnaval samba dancers - fantastic. Round Potterrow and onto George IV Bridge. This took us over the Mound and down to the Art Gallery, round into Princes Street Gardens and past the Scott Monument. Passed the 12 mile marker here which was absolute bliss to see - only 1 mile to go - whoop whoop! 

Wound our way round to the Royal Mile which was spectacular to run down, swept round past the Palace and the Parliament and then round into the Park. Saw Mum and Dad at the Parliament (a surprise didn't know they were coming in). Then I saw my support crew as I turned into the finishing straight. 

Last run up to the finishing straight, high fived the American Lady who was at the finish line giving it the "good job" and then did my trademark Fetchie wing wave bringing the Fetchie into land over the finish line. Stopped my watch and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - 2:14:15 (this is my time not my official time, not got that yet).  It has been a really long time since I did it in a time like this. I had lost sight of the 2.15 pace setter when I was going up Arthur's Seat and thought I had slipped back to 2.20. But nooooooooooooooooooo 2.14 yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I got over the line I ran straight into a friend from Penicuik who also had ran the race, I had looked out for her at the beginning and at the end and we both squealed when we ran right into each other. Alia had a fantastic time also, was great to meet up with her. Well done Alia. We were both laughing at the piles of food that we had been handed in the secure zone, so much that we didn't have any hands to eat any of it!!!

Once out of the secure zone, I finally met up with Alistair, the kids and Mum and Dad.

After the race there was a free concert on in the park, a band called Kassidy. 

They were absolutely brilliant. Enjoyed the after race entertainment, spoke to some lovely Fetchies and enjoyed my spectacular race. 

The whole event was totally Awesome!!!

So that is the first challenge over - next one slightly more difficult - only got to double this distance in 7 weeks time - yikes. And don't go thinking I will just have to double the time to get my marathon time, it doesn't work like that - I just get slower.

Will enjoy today's race for today and then get back on with my Marathon training tomorrow - 18 miles next Sunday. Will be heading to Liberton Brae soon Tracey, that's when you and Eilidh come into play with water and jelly babies!!! 

don't worry, be happy :)

Janey's racing ramblings

7.30am Sitting here eating my porridge watching Triathlon on Eurosport for inspiration! Tim Don has just won the GE Strathclyde Triathlon (it is an old one I think!).

I don't as a rule get nervous before a half marathon these days as I have many under my belt, however, this one somehow feels different. I think it is because it is part of a bigger thing and all the fantastic support that everyone has given Tracey and I.

Last year on this day I was in a hotel in London nervous as anything ready to head off to the start of the Virgin London Marathon. How I ever got there I will never know, with everything that we had to deal with last year. But I made it and this year I am even stronger both running and emotionally. Alistair still has a way to go but is on his way. We were even talking last night of trying to train together for a long walk, the sort that takes you a few days. He can't run or bike (may not even be allowed to) but taking inspiration from our friend Hazel we spoke about how we could do some major walking together as a way for him to regain his fitness. He gets a scan in a few weeks time that will give us a gauge of where he is at and then we can plan.

Anyway, back to me and my race. it is an absolutely beautiful morning. The sun is shining and it looks warm (pretty sure it isn't though). My support crew is up (Rhona because she has to and Andy because he wants to see the bands!). I am very privileged that my teenagers still get up to cheer me on at these sorts of things. I think that is why we got through last year as we are a strong team.

Anyway, thanks in advance to them for coming and cheering me on (even if it is under duress!). And thanks to Ali for just being him. And finally thank you to all our supporters without you sponsoring Tracey and I this would just be a normal half marathon for me.

don't worry, be happy :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Janey's racing ramblings

Went into the Fitness festival to pick up my race number today for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

Then I wandered over to watch The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

 I have seen them on the TV before but never live they were amazing! The sun was shining and everyone was enjoying themselves - including this incredibly wee wiry woman from Brazil - she was dancing about so much I couldn't actually get her on camera for long. 

I am pretty sure this will be the angle I see her from tomorrow - she looked a bit fast! Although you can never tell with people.

I took loads of videos of the Chilli's playing but here are a couple of them (look carefully and you can see the manic woman from Brasil dancing about):

Their whole set was brilliant and the crowd was jumping. The bands tomorrow should be great too when all the runners and their families are there too. Great.

Can't wait to get going, I am going to turn the house upside down though to look for my running gloves, whilst it was warm my wee hands were chilly and I am sure they will be cold down at Porty.

Tune in tomorrow for my race report.

eeeeeekkkk, excited now.

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Went out for a 3 mile run just to keep the legs turning over. The Rock and Roll Half Marathon is on Sunday and I am getting quite excited about it now. Lots of Fetchies are going to so it should be a good day out. I am going into the Fitness Festival tomorrow in Holyrood Park to pick up my race number. There are going to be bands playing (The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and The Asps?) and freebies all round.

I am getting very excited now, I thought a week ago with my sore back that I wouldn't even get to the start line but after reading about Tracey's hugely inspirational adventure I can't wait to get going! The half marathon is not my most challenging of the three challenges but it will certainly set me up for the Marathon which is certainly a much bigger challenge for me.

Will take my camera with me tomorrow to record the excitement of the Fitness Festival.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I took this from the top of Ventoux....look at the shadows of the clouds passing on the road to see how strong the wind was!! You can't really hear what I'm saying, but you can hear the "WooHoo" at the end!

World Haemophilia Day 17th April 2012

Check out us in the Spring 2012 newsletter of The Haemophilia Society!!!

It is World Haemophilia Day on the 17th April 2012 - so go on if you are going to sponsor us do it on Tuesday!

Thanks again for all the support we have received so far.

don't worry, be happy :)
Since I'm having a couple of days rest I have time to compile a few statistics about Le Mont Ventoux challenge. These are approximate, as I kept forgetting to switch the garmin thing on and off! For the climb of Ventoux ( including the horrendous journey back to the hotel) Total distance - 60.34 miles. Mostly into the hateful headwind Total time - 8 hours 8 mins. 4 hours of which were going up! Total elevation climbed - 5,575 ft (1,700m)That's more than 1000 feet higher than Ben Nevis! Total calories burned - 5,243 That's a lot of banana! For the whole trip: Nearly 20 hours in the saddle, nearly 144 miles travelled, total of 10,767 ft climbed, one sore backside, one silly tan mark on face, several smug conversations, and one huge smile!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Le Ventoux Diaries Day 5

Well would you believe it...absolutely no wind at all today! The route back to my start point took me along a valley ( of course passing through lots of villages which are ALWAYS on the top of hills!) and I could see Ventoux for most of the route, it was bright and sunny up there and no clouds at all!! If only had been like this yesterday! Never mind though, I still feel I have accomplished something I was so close to the summit I could practically touch it and that'll do for me!  Just a wee easy peasy lemon squeezy cycle today, 23 miles, and apart from the hills it was good. My thighs are complaining every time I try to go up hill, and by lunchtime they had had enough!  I have just looked up from typing this and I can see Ventoux from my window!!!it's still taunting me with it's sunny weather and it's  'look at me attitude'!! Just a quick reflection, nothing too serious or melancholy, I am really pleased that I have done this, am proud of myself for not letting the diabetes define what I do. Actually that's wrong cos it has totally defined what I am doing now! I have cycled up one of the iconic mountains of Le Tour de France and survived, and although it was hard work,I achieved it. Whatever your 'Ventoux' is, I say get out there and do'll feel so chuffed that you did! Last thing...a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and if you feel my efforts are worth a couple of quid ( ...a couple of quid? Have you not been reading this?? Its gotta worth a fiver!!!) please donate something, whatever you can afford, the money goes to an organisation which helps support haemophilliacs and their families in the specific way that they need. Jane has first hand experience of this support and it really helped her and her husband and family through what must have been one of the worst times of their lives. .......right......what's next?! 

Le Ventoux Diaries Day 4 - The Big One

Am awake at 7 am, not because I need to be, but because I didn't sleep much last night. I kept trying to doze off, but woke myself up with a slightly hysterical " oh my god, I'm going up Ventoux tomorrow" Unfortunately the wind has really picked up overnight, and it's blowing hard out there, I can only hope that it'll blow me up the mountain! am really nervous now! Part 2 didn't blow me up the mountain, it nearly blew me off the mountain! Got dropped off at Sault, and straight away headed into a fierce headwind. The lower slopes were quite steep and it was really hard just to control the bike. They call this Le Mistral, which sounds lovely....let me tell you it is not lovely, it is an extremely strong wind which blows in your face no matter which way you turn! Disaster struck as after only 20 mins i was faced with a sign saying route ferme. The road was closed at the summit,  could only go as far as Chalet Reynard. This was devastating, all this planning and training and now  couldn't complete my challenge. I carried on and thought i'd just go as far as I could. This took a lot of will power!! It took me nearly an hour to do 5 miles! Once I got into the forest I was sheltered a bit from the wind, but it still gusted ferociously in my face every so often. I took it slow and easy and stopped when I needed to, but it was a relentless climb. The views along the way were breath taking. After about 3 hours I made it as far as Chalet Reynard where there were a few hardy cyclists. Although the barrier was down and the road was closed, you could just slip under it and have a go.  Well, I hadn't come all this way to let the trifling matter of a closed road stop me, so I went under it and started on the steepest part.  This was really hard. I met several people coming down who all told me not to try to get to the summit as it was just too dangerous. The winds were now gusting at over 120 kms per hour and you couldn't stand up in in, let alone cycle. One couple I met who had planned to go over the top and down another route had given up after the woman was nearly blown off the mountain, it was just too scary.  So how did I do? I got passed the Tom Simpson Memorial, past the 1 km to summit marker and with about 500 m to go there is the brow of the hill before the final part with all the buildings on, and there was absolutely no protection from the wind at all.  When I started to get hit on my helmet by flying stones and ice, and I could hardly stand up I had to admit defeat. I say defeat, but actually I consider myself to have made it! To carry on would have been dangerous, and I didn't want to make the news by flying off a mountain top and dying! I took some pictures and a video to show how ferocious it was, and then headed down. It had taken 4 hours to get to the top, but an amazing 45 mins to come down! Back in Sault I had a wee rest and screamed at Jane on the phone, then I set off on the return journey. This was actually the worst bit! After the euphoria of getting to the top, the 25 miles back to the hotel was hell. The trip notes describe it as mostly downhill, which is is, but the wind was so strong that I even had to pedal down these downhills! With 12 miles to go I had lost the will to cycle and was swearing loudly each time a gust stopped me in my tracks! I made it at last to the town before my hotel, only about 6 miles left, but the directions were rubbish and frankly I was lost. I sat on a bench and thought "I'm just not going any further" I asked a passer by how to get to Rousillon. And she was fantastic. She was German, and couldn't speak French, so spoke in English, phoned her husband  who came along with a variety of maps and between them and their daughter they planned my route back with the minimum number of up hills.  I could have kissed them all!! Arrived back after more than 8 hours and 63 miles completed today....then sank a few cold beers in celebration! Sod doing the longer route tomorrow!!

Le Ventoux Diaries Day 3 Part Dieux

I have just been out for a meal, sitting in a restaurant at the top of a hill in Provence, overlooking the surrounding valleys, over to Le Mont Ventoux, or at least where Le Mont Ventoux should be, the clouds have come in, the wind has picked up, all the potted plants on the terrace have blown over, it's raining again, but I have a cold beer and a huge pizza, so everything is ok and it'll be fine tomorrow!!!

Le Ventoux Diaries Day 3

Set off fairly early this morning after a night of little sleep due to the rain against my window! Embarrassing moment of the day happened just after I set off when I stopped at a shop to buy provisions. Somehow I skidded and started to fall off the bike, but for some reason felt it best to hop along, one foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, that clearly wasn't going to work, so just clattered to the ground in front of 2 old mesdames, who were very concerned, one old git who laughed and 2 kids who tried not to look like they cared! Today's route was hillier, but actually I felt OK. I chose the longer option  and found it fairly steady. I think i did about 34 miles, but keep forgetting to turn on and off the super garmin toy thingy that Allister had lent me! The first proper hill they warn you of in the trip notes is described as "250m over 9 kms" that's not quite correct! I followed a river up into the mountain, and doing that always makes you think it's not a hill, it somehow always feels flatter, just as I got smug thinking this is OK, then the hill started.  Most of the climb was in the last 3 kms. But I took it slow and I didn't need to stop. Visited some really charming villages ( all at the tops of hills! ) Got lost twice, once in a fairly large town where I eventually worked out that I was going in totally the wrong direction. Stopped and asked a German couple where I was and had a very interesting conversation in which they used this sentence.....see if you can guess what they meant...answer at the end of this blog!! " you keep on this track and you will see the place where all the people of the town make their toilet and it goes away" Saw lots of other cyclists out today, all in their matching shiny team Lycra gear. With their " we don't need to be bogged down with luxuries like extra clothes, food, water, maps and such nonsense" I, after getting caught in the rain yesterday, had everything with me! Still, I waved a cheery "bonjour" as they cycled past me at high speed. I arrived at Rousillon which is a town entirely devoted to Ochre, there's a museum lots of shops and some sort of factory type thing ( I didn't actually visit it). Unfortunately no internet at the hotel or in the entire town, that's why the blog is late. I went for my usual walk to try to find a beer and there it was.....Le Mont's about more than 40kms from here and I could just see it over the other hills in the distance. The sun was shining on the summit, oh how I hope for that tomorrow!. It's really huge (a cleaned up version of the text I sent Jane) and I am really nervous.  Nothing for it but to sink a cold one on the terrace! Answer  " sewage works!"

Janey's running ramblings

After a week or so of not being able to run properly due to injury - I did 16 MILES today!!!! whoop whoop. And they were hard (as 16 miles always are) but not overly hard - so that's got to be good. It was an odd run weather wise, one minute it was freezing and the next it was sunny, then it was raining then it was not. My gloves were on and off like a yo yo. I could have done with a wee string over my shoulders to hold them on (like you had when you were wee).

I got an email yesterday from the organisers of the Edinburgh Marathon informing me of the fact that it is only 7 weeks away - aaaggghhh! That kind of spurred me on a tad to get going.

Very happy with myself now and can't wait for the half marathon on Sunday - will be a piece of cake after today's run. :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

la grande aventure du Ventoux - live stream

It is not can we add Joyce to this list of famous Brits but WHEN??

The adventure begins!

9am - The adventure begins! It is freezing cold and really windy....... OH MY GOD!!!!!

Later in the day - Disaster! After only 20 mins into a fierce headwind, I meet this challenge....go as far as Chalet Reynard, only 6 k from the top.!!

(still a few texts to come through - technical issues with the phone!)

text message from the top! "Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo!!! I MADE IT, with a small caveat! Made it to 500m off the summit, but winds at 120km per hour made it too dangerous for me to go any further. I could see the summit in between the clouds, but couldn't even stand, let alone cycle. Did a video to upload so you can see how bad it was. Not had any reception for the past 3 hours so you will get all these messages at once. But anyway, woooooooooooooohooooooooo again! Now I just need to cycle back down then only 40K to the hotel!!!

2pm (our time - 3pm France) Tracey has just phoned me and uncharacteristically for Tracey she was squealing rather loudly with excitement. SHE HAS DONE IT!! 4 hours to reach the top and 45 mins to get back down! excellent.

She said that there was a barrier over the road saying that the mountain road was closed so Tracey being Tracey just ignored it and went through anyway - glad she did. She said that she managed to get 500m from the summit before having to turn back because 120 mile an hour winds were flinging rocks at her head, at that point she decided enough was enough and headed back. She did ask if that meant that she had done it - I said I think so!!! She is still 40km from her hotel and was stopping to have a banana sandwich and wee rest before heading back. That will be a well earned cold beer or two at the end.

I really have never heard Tracey so excited about anything, I am so chuffed for her, she said she was for herself also.

Well done Tracey, you are an inspiration.

Now it is time for you guys out there to start donating!! Challenge one done.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Update from France!!

Tracey texted me to say that she didn't have wifi at the hotel she is staying at tonight so her adoring public would have to wait for her next Ventoux diary instalment.

The news from the great adventurer is that having finished 34 miles of arduous hilly cycling and only getting lost twice (!) she is now sitting downing a cold beer. Nerves have set in as she can now see Mont Ventoux from where she is staying and in her words "it is REALLY huge" (well okay "really" wasn't her word but I had to clean it up as I couldn't really publish what she did put!

Tomorrow morning Tracey will leave at 8am and the live blog stream will start the minute she starts texting me. Tune in tomorrow to see photos and updates from the great adventurer herself.

Good luck Tracey :)

Janey's running ramblings

Ten miles!!! Wasn't the fastest ten miles and certainly wasn't the 16 that I was going to run but at least my confidence in my fitness is back and now I can't wait for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon next weekend. It looks like it will be good fun with all the bands - Andy has said that the two big bands booked are ones that are good and he is even coming in to see me in the race (oh yeh - I am pretty sure it isn't me he is coming to see!!! - chance of a free concert me thinks.)

Anyway, will just keep ticking over until the half marathon and then I will make inroads into getting the mileage up.

good news!

don't worry, be happy :)

Friday, 6 April 2012


Today's blog will require you to use your imagination with regard to what you are reading! First I couldn't publish, now I can't edit, so LOTS of spelling's not the beer honest! Also it keeps auto correcting Alistairs name, sorry! I think I have it right now, but you all know who I mean!!

Le Ventoux Diaries Day 2

Got up brights and early for the first day cycling, only to find the cycle shop didn't open till 9.30! Picked up my trusty steed, which to be fair I'd more of a Clydesdale than a Thoroughbred. It's all a bit chunky and clunky. It's has twisty turny gears rather than the pushy iny outy ones I am used too (stop me if I get too technical) what this means is that when I change them the wrong way, I then try to change them back quickly resulting in me jumping off the pedals. Not a problem today, as the cycling was really easy. Only 27 miles though beautiful peaceful, apart from the angry dogs, and not too hilly, and I only got lost once!! Monsieur and Madame Le Velo passed me as I stopped to take some photos and they reminded me why I cycle alone! He was off, there was no stopping hime, you could tell that she was grimacing and swearing at him as she tried to keep up!, stopped off at a chateau, just as it started to rain, which was just as well as my trusty waterproof was in my other bag, which was waiting for me at the hotel.....well, I didn't think I'd need a fleece AND a waterproof!! Apart from that thunderous showers, the weather is fab, hot, but not too hot. I am cultivating a nice cyclist tan mark on my fae , always attractive. Am now at the hotel, sinking my first beer, ah! Need it though....just wrote the blog and it wouldn't publish...grrrrrr. I have just read Janes blog and it has moved me. Alastair lives with his condition every day and it must be so frustrating and demoralising to deal with. At least with my diabetes there is something I can actively do. So, I'm doing this for you Alastair ( the challenge, not drinking the beer!) one day you'll be able to do this, and I'll keep a note of where to get the coldest pints for when you do!!!

Janey's running ramblings

Managed to run 6 miles today and my back was okay. When I was running I was starting to let Tracey's Dr Dastardly in, it is less than 9 weeks to the Edinburgh Marathon and I was musing that I am a long way off from being able to run 26 miles. Then I thought no enough of that negative attitude even if I have to run walk the marathon then I will do it. And here is why (as a reminder to myself......).

Alistair has had a cold, worse than the one I had, obviously! and when he woke up this morning he informed me that he had been up at 5am for a cup of tea. I said that I thought I had heard him but me being me was so zonked in the land of nod that I didn't really stir. He then looked at me and asked if he would ever feel well again. I laughed and said that last weekend I felt that way too and then he just looked at me and said "no I don't mean the cold....". My heart went out to him as he reached over to get his factor ready to take it for the day. Whilst it has been a long time now since the bleed happened he still has this hanging over him and there is nothing that I can do to make it any better for him.

So, enough of Dr Dastardly and talking me out of my marathon. I will run it, I will finish it and keep on going right until the Ultra in August. So take that Dr D!!!

Going to go for a longer run tomorrow, maybe 10 miles as I felt quite strong today, despite my week off my fitness has not abandoned me totally.

Looking forward to Tracey's update from France, have been thinking about her cycling today :) Hope her weather is better than here.

don't worry, be happy :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Le Ventoux Diaries

Freaky...all the instructions for the blog are in French! After nearly 21 hours of travel I have finally made it to Cavaillon, and I haven't even seen a bike yet! Travelled down on what is laughingly called a 'sleeper' train, although how anyone can sleep with the whooshing of the automatic doors going all night I'll never know. ( for info the French trains don't whoosh they glide noiselessy open!) Got to London at an ungodly hour in the morning and the caught the Eurostar to Paris. I knew I was cutting it fine, as I only had 45 mins to change stations, but reckoned it would be wasn't! Got to Gare du Lyon 5 minutes after my train had left for Avignon.......not very happy as my ticket was non exchangeable so I had to pay another £100 to buy a new one!spent most of the journey drifting in an out of sleep, and was REALLY conscious of trying not to drop off to that type of sleep where you snochter really loud, not good on a packed train in the quite compartment! So made it to my hotel just after 7, which meant the bike shop was shut, so nothing for it but to go and have a couple of beers! I went over my trip notes and map as I was having dinner and it has just hit me what I am trying to do! I have not just got to cycle up a mountain, frankly that may be the easiest bit, I have got to navigate my way from one place to another, or I don't have anywhere to sleep!my favourite phrase so far is "pouvez vous m'aider" can you help me!! I'll be using it a lot. That and telling people I'm a Scotsman cos I keep forgetting to pronounce the important S at the end which let's people know I am female!! I haven't done any cycling yet but already my room smells of damp clothes as I have washed the stuff I was travelling in and hope it's dry by tomorrow before I pack it away, it'll be the same very night. So it now about 10 and i'm so tired it's off to bed for me. First day of cycling tomorrow....aaargh!!!

Janey's running ramblings and update on Tracey the adventurer

Went out for another short run today and back held out. Little bit of a niggle going down a steep hill but generally on the flat and up hills okay. Am going to try to do a bit of a longer run tomorrow, maybe 5 or 6 miles. Just to test things out.

Update on Tracey's great French adventure.

She is on her way to France as we speak. A bit of a hiccup with train times but last text (minus the swearing - French very impressive) said that she had gotten herself a new ticket and was on a train to Paris!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Janey's running ramblings

Alistair has marked up my snazzy new running vest so that I can advertise our challenges on the run!

Back of vest

Front of vest
Nice eh? Special iron on paper which just magically turns into material. I love it.

Anyway, another good luck to Tracey and here is where she is heading! This is the Tommy Simpson memorial at the very top of the Ventoux. It's a long way up but worth it! Have a good one Tracey.

Don't worry, be happy :)

(New feature of google blog - click on picture for a bigger image!)

Running Janey is BACK!!!

Okay, well tentatively I'm back. It was just as well there was snow on the ground as it made me run very carefully, but so far so good, my back was fine. My main concern was that the original sore bit under my ribs would return because they had been masked by the other sore bit caused by the coughing which was actually more painful than the first bit! However, it didn't appear so. So that is that, 3 slow miles, but 3 miles nonetheless. I am not quite ready to run the 16 miles I had planned for Sunday but I do feel that I can slowly work myself back up to be ready for the half marathon. Who hoo!!!

Oh and I did stretch before and after I went out Tracey, lesson learned!!!

don't worry, be happy :)
Final preparations for my big adventure! I am leaving late tonight for the overnight train to London ( so no sleep for me tonight). Tomorrow it's from London to Paris, to Avignon before arriving in Cavaillon before 6 to pick up my bike for the weekend. Each day has the option of a shorter or long ride. My route is Friday- Cavaillon to Cadenet ( 32/42km). Saturday- Cadenet to Rousillon (43/53km)Sunday Mont Ventoux (56km, 1250m climb) Monday Rousillon - Cavaillon (41/51km) Tuesday - travel home. I'm feeling excited and nervous. I've never done anything like this before, and although I have been on a cycling holiday before, I've never done one by myself and had to guide myself. This should be easy for Ventoux....just point he bike up hill and stop when I get to the top! There's a bit of optimism for you! I have no doubt about how hard this will be, but the thought of not achieving it after all the support I've had is not an option. Unless of course the road is closed because of snow or wind!! seriously though, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it does really help keep me going! To everyone else who has wished me luck, or encouraged me on facebook or in person another thank you.....I will do this!! Jane has her instructions to stand ready by her phone on Sunday to update the blog, but you can also follow my progress by receiving email alerts when we update...just click on the follow by email button. I will also be updating on the other days I'm cycling, hopefully with lots of pretty pictures of beautiful French countryside in the sun!! Right, I'm off!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Janey's nearly running ramblings!!

Met Tracey for several cups of tea/coffee and a wee cheese scone at Pentland Plants Cafe, after discovering that Rosslyn Chapel now expects you to pay £9.00 to buy a yearly pass to be able to get into their cafe! And that's before you even start to buy your tea. (Outraged from Penicuik). That's my grumble over - anyway, Pentland Plants won out in the end cos we were there for ages. Anyway, poured over Tracey's map and route plans. Given it was snowing outside it all looked very exciting. 

Once I got home I had lunch and then donned my winter gear and headed out into the snowy outlands of Penicuik to post a letter. Three miles walked again, felt stronger than yesterday, my legs are starting to feel stronger again. It is amazing how quickly your fitness drops when it takes so long to build it back up.

Anyway, think I will try to run for a very short run tomorrow on the flat. See how I get on. 

Good luck Tracey with the Ventoux. Have a great trip.

don't worry, be happy :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Bleak, dreich, miserable, cold, damp, foggy....need I go on? Planned my last big cycle before Ventoux today, yesterday I was cycling in a T shirt, today I had 4 layers on....3 pairs of gloves and my hands were still cold!! Had planned to do the 32 mile 'strenuous' route over the Lammermuirs as a final test. I started at Gifford and made my way up the hills, had to stop almost immediately to put my bike lights on it was so foggy.
 This was the SECOND 17% gradient hill within the first 5 miles!!......
So I made it to the top...without stopping......where, according to the route guide I would be rewarded with breathtaking views over the Forth and down to North decide....
after a quick banana and bagel lunch I set off over the hills to Longformacus where I was due to turn off , and head towards the promise of a hot coffee and possibly a scone at a wee tea shop, but disaster struck!! Road Closed!! I had  to decide whether to chance it and hope the road would be open enough for a bike to get through, or head back the way I came.  The thought of getting half way along the road and having to head back anyway was just too much, so off I went back up the hill I had just flown down a few minutes before.....soul destroying! I wasn't a happy cyclist!! back up the big buggery hills to Gifford, by this time I was cold and wet and couldn't feel my fingers or my toes.  Cheered up a bit for the last 5 miles as it was mostly down hill, with just the one 17% gradient to drag myself up! So a total of only 27 miles ( a fewer than I hoped) but many more hills than planned so all good training.

JaneyM is on her way back!!!!!

Today I went for a 3 mile walk (with hills). I had to hand in the kids swimming fees to Beeslak High School so weighed up getting the car out of the garage or tempting a walk. I opted for the walk, thinking that if I couldn't manage back I could get a bus back up the hill. But, who hoo!!! Not a problem, back not sore at all, didn't even cough that much.

Sitting having my lunch now and my back is still okay, but will now rest it and sit with an ice pack again, just to be sure.

Thank goodness, on Friday and Saturday I honestly thought that was it and Tracey was on her own with this challenge. But no, Rock and Roll bring it on :)

Oh and Tracey is away out for her final monster ride before she goes to France on Wednesday. And it is totally yukky outside, misty, freezing and raining. Well it can only get better. :) I am sure she will blog later to update us all. :)

don't worry, be happy :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Muscle spasms, painkillers, icepacks??? Jane, I thought you said running was good for you?!
My day started well with a fab long lie!!! I had several last minute things to do before France including buying a new rucksack as my faithful one bought for £20 twenty years ago finally gave up on us after our Sri Lanka trip last year.fab new one wasn't £20 though!!
I had time for a quick cycle so decided to do my initial training route up to Gladhouse reservoir. This time decided to mix things up and went the other direction ( I know.....crazy huh?) This was not as simple as it sounds as it involved a lengthy argument between Dr Dastardly de Motivate and Sir Smuggly Smuggleton, due to the appearance of 'The Great Hill of Temple'. This is so called as on my first ever cycle round that route ( not that long ago with my mate Twads in temps below freezing!!) as I was flying downhill at great speed I thought to myself that when I could cycle up that hill I would be ready for it has been a target for a while. Dr D kept saying it didn't matter I would still be cycling 17 miles up and down hills, but Sir S won the day again. This hill goes from 160m to 210m in elevation in about half a mile so this will be the sort of gradient I will encounter for the last 3 and a bit miles of Ventoux. I thought I would have to stop and rest, but made it up The Great Hill without stopping and in fact found it, don't tell anyone, quite easy! The hill keeps on going up to the reservoir and I still didn't need to stop. The whole route was very pleasant today as it was such nice weather, what a difference from a few weeks ago when it was Baltic up there. There were even springy lambs, lovely.

Janey's no running ramblings

Today was a better day, my back is still sore but has definitely eased off a bit. I am able to walk about much more freely and I don't have the ice pack clamped to my back any more. Have even cut back on the amount of painkillers I am taking. It is still sore but hopefully on the mend.

Managed my ironing whilst watching the Tour of Flanders. (Take your long sleeved cycling top with you Tracey they all had their coats on!!!!). It was nice and sunny though. Very exciting to see the classics starting up again. Paris-Roubaix next weekend.

don't worry, be happy :)